Killer Instinct XB1: Season 2 hits October 15th. 20 dollars for Combo, 40 dollars for Ultra


Someone should update the thread title.


Umm damage nerf on virtually every attack/special and not being able to attack after air scarab is alot already. What more do you think could’ve been done to Kan-Ra?


It’s just like they said, they made him fair. As soon as I read all the damage nerfs and the “no attack after air scarab” nerf, I was fine. That’s taking away a fundamental part of Kan-Ra’s strategy. Cinder’s changes IIRC make him fair as well. Spinal’s new instinct, if you think about it, is the same kind of pressure that Urien’s Aegis Reflector or Rashid’s V-Trigger puts on an opponent. They have to block and Spinal has to find that opening. It’s gonna be annoying, but it’s fine either way because all those skulls vanish as soon as you hit him. Glacius isn’t super amazing either, just better than what he is now. In the grand scheme of things, nobody is really that outrageous because every character has something that is just as crazy (except Sabrewulf, imo. A dive kick and varying speeds of command run isn’t as crazy as other people’s stuff).

As far as I know, everything is the same. It comes out the 29th, and you are required to have Windows 10 because they’re selling it through the Windows Store. It’s fucking groanworthy that they don’t just put it on Steam where it’s bound to get the most exposure and money, but whatever.


The damage nerfs effect the whole cast across the board so he’s basically on the same level damage-wise as before. Personally I want scarabs to disappear when he’s hit and completely rework the free shadow scarab ender. I hate being forced into a situation where I have no choice but to take damage.


They said in the stream that his entire game plan is putting his opponent in situations where they are going to be taking damage. The nerfs are exactly what he needed to be fair and retain his same play style. Not to mention, he can’t do the scarab only combo anymore, and they tweaked the shadow scarab move in general. Hell, the scarabs are gonna do next to no damage, and they still disappear with the swipe of one attack. He’s probably gonna get played less if anything.


Yeah thats a stupid way to design a fighting game. There should be some way to escape a bad situation. That’s one of the things I hate about MK and MvC, and one of the reasons why I enjoy SF.


Kan-Ra got nerfed in the frame department, too. He has moves that were plus on block that are like -7 now.

That may not sound like much, but when most fast attacks are 5-6 frames it matters.

Plus, certain traps have to be completely reworked or dropped altogether.


I literally just visited the microsoft store for the first time looking for a pre order option…

Nothing. Can’t even find anything on the game from there. Should be on steam, the microsoft store is garbage.


You have buy it through the Xbox App.


Yo, we be playing once it’s released on PC.


So, it has been a couple of days now, and I’m curious on how people here are enjoying Season 3 of Killer Instinct so far?

Me personally, I’m still getting adjusted to all of the changes for the Season 1 and 2 characters (even with my primary and secondary characters Sadira and Glacius). Out of the Season 3 cast, I’m definitely having fun with Arbiter the most, since he has amazing hit-box range on his Energy Sword buttons, sick Plasma Grenade setups that can cost the opponent’s health severely, and simply because he’s a complete badass. Despite his notable weaknesses (has only one low move, has two reversal moves that either cost meter or self-inflict damage, Type-51 Carbine/Plasma Grenade management etc.), I want to make him my main for Season 3; he’s too good to pass up on. Aside from that, I love the Flip Out mechanic, loathe Rash, the new level 4 Ender animation is wonky and the hit/hurt-stop revision is hindering my execution game greatly.


I’m liking the game. The only thing that’s wrong with me is that I’m still playing my characters like they’re season 2 characters. I keep neglecting Sabrewulf’s divekick, Hisako’s Shadow ORZ, etc. But each match is a learning experience. That flipout shit is a really cool reset button. And for the love of god, I need some help learning Kim Wu. The only thing that this game needs to be a better game is online training mode.

If anyone wants matches, my gamertag is in my sig. I’m available mostly on Saturday evenings and Sundays due to work (40-50 hour/week warehouse job), and I know a couple of pros that can help push everyone to the next level.

PS: the Level 4 Ender camera is getting a toggle next patch. They basically wanted people to get used to it, but I still hate it.


I feel that offline training mode has all of the essentials to help improve your game to greater lengths, but I do see what you mean though. Aside from Arbiter, I’m learning Kim Wu as well, so if you need any help, then I’ll try my best to provide some useful info. Speaking of which, Infilament has started working on a guide for Kim Wu on recently (but unfortunately it’s still a work-in-progress).


Am I the only one who preferred the old shadow move effect to this weird purple Koffing gas?


I have got used to the new shadow effect i have to say


I like the new shadow effect, to be honest. When I first saw it, I wasn’t super keen on it, but it makes sense for a shadow move to be a dark color and not a ripple effect in the background (though that shit was cool)


The ripple just looked so much cooler to me. The purple gas cloud looks cool for specific moves, but in general the effect just doesn’t quite seem to fit.


Definitive Edition leaked.


The Definitive Edition is basically a middle finger to us long-time Ultra Edition purchasers. But hey, I’m not all too upset about it, since the exclusives isn’t all that impressive.


Wow, Adam trolled us good. Eyedol looks dope.