Killer Instinct


anyone want to give me a quickie [no homo] on how this is run down whos top tier infinite if any B&B pokes such and such this shit looks fun online haha


Top tier arcade

Top tier snes
t.j. combo

The only infinite that was good was for cinder and thats it.

You more info you should ask Sabre and Mr. Wizard 2 of the best KI players in the U.S.


Taken from

"God Tier*

  • Eyedol

Top Tier

  • Orchid
  • Cinder
  • Riptor

Middle Tier

  • Glacius
  • Sabrewulf
  • Spinal
  • Combo

Low Tier

  • Jago
  • Fulgore

Bottom Tier

  • Thunder

*God Tiers are banned from matches due to bein broken/overpowered."

Go there if you want to know about Killer Instinct.


eh at times, i think cinder should be in the god tier bracket as well(thats my tier list btw, arcade tier list that is) due to his ridiculous glitches, and of course the infinite to add insult to injury


Indeed, not to mention his crossover. It’s avoidable just find it to be a very annoying move. Also what happened SaBrE. I see you don’t go to anymore. This is DaRk btw.


cuz kionline is ass. just a bunch of scrubby fanboys there that cant play a lick of ki. and are more interested in finding combos that were found 10 years ago. or interested in stupid fanboy shit, rather than the game itself.


Ah I see now. Just wondering cause I went there just a while back and you’re now a moderator. It’s best not to go there in you case then cause from what I’ve seen it’s gotten worse lol.


Ya using long combos are pointless since they can just combo break you, is just safe to do the un-breakable combos.


I was playing this game this weekend and realize how much of a bitch this shit is with the combobreakers. I ended up hating on Riptor cause of the constant abuse of the combobreaker.


thats why u do combos that cant be broken.


LOL I agree 100 percent about Cinder.

When I was playing wizard at SVGL a few years back in KI. We only used 2 charecters Cinder and Orchid. We also had a house rule. The rule was to ban the inifnite from Cinder.But even without it … his unblockables, crossups etc… I think its a uphill fight for anyone to fight Cinder.

We need a KI mini tourney at EVO 2k8. :lovin:


its actually pointless to ban the infinite. yeah its braindead, and cinder has an effective unbreakable combo to land the infinite. but honestly, its his other garbage that really sets him over the top. banning the infinite doesnt really phase cinder. cinder can do a launch combo, and do the juggle glitch to get a free dizzy, do another unbreakable and do the glitch again. you already at 100% life. no different than the regular infinite. it just gets done much faster. then you got to deal with all his bs outside of the combos. cinder is just one unblockable character. the torpedo crossup, you got like a 10% chance to block it if done right. then his unblockable normals that will hit twice and cause knockdown for a repeat, or dizzy. only weakness cinder has is lack of a range game. but once he gets inside, the glitches take over.

granted, most, if not all, characters have some good glitches t use during gameplay, but cinders trumps everyone elses for free


U have any vids of all that? It sound pretty entertaining to watch.


Here’s the infinite combo. Which can also be executed with low kick. And here’s a video that shows the crossup along with other cheap moves.


eh that infinite will never get used in a real match unless just to show off and to switch it up. the timing on that one is much more strict while the mk ender infinite is extremely braindead. but people will get the idea heh.


lol @ eyedol


cuz there are times where the game will simply not let you block the attack, at all.

there were SO MANY instances in the game where cinder would air torpedo past me, and then turn around like 2 character lengths away. making it so obvious which way to block, and magically, it doesnt let you block. it’s happened way too many times. and it just seems random as shit. so yeah, sure ill give it 25% MAX chance. but on average, its much lower


sum1 explain to me how to do shadow moves with actual shadows for sabrewulf


this game is pretty gay now but when i was 12 i thought it was good…


northleaf: negative edge the moves when powered up wit ha combo breaker, and in sabrewulf’s case, howl also powers you up