Killing combos for Makoto

I heard there are some killing combos(i.e a combo that kill your opponent if you can land it on your opponent) for makoto. I just wonder whether it is true or rumor? Anyway, I’m just trying to master her and want some good and damaging combos. If you do know, please help me out. As for Mike Z’s combos, I have already been able to do them.

please read through other threads as to not clog up this forum with repeated information

heres some threads

sorry about that man. But anyway there are very few combos that have a hundred percents of damage. I have read throught the other two threads and there aren’t many combos there. Anyway that’s all right man. I think I gotta quit playing her cuz she does not have any new combo. In fact, I have mastered all of her combos you guys list in those threads above.

So just because you master combos you drop a character? What a way to play :confused:

just kidding you man…In fact most of her combos are damn difficult. I manage to do them on merely scrub players, not the experts. But damn I still got a lot to learn from her. The real kick in using her is that her combos are really damaging. However, my main purpose is to find some of the stunning combos.