Killing Master Mold without an AAA?



It seems to me its almost a must to have an AAA in your team against Sentinel.

I was wondering whats the best way to fight Sentinel with no AAA in your team.

Sentinel vs Cable gets so much easier for Sentinel when Cable dont have an AAA.


well if you go and get an aaa yourslef its a lot easier.

cable on sent is easy with or with out aa. because as long as you make good use of all or cables weapons then you can keep him at bay because a side form wave dashing there isn’t a goood way to get near him. btw, flight is no god because of lp viper beams and psimitars. not just in the air but flight only, i think sent can get cable with a rocket punch depending on where he is after a viper beam.

sent with an aaa seems to me to be the worst for mags and storm. another sent as well but to me it seems more on rush then then anything.

mags has a lot of the same problems against cable with aaa the same as sent with an aaa. excepyt sent has obvious more in close capabilities then cable. and flight is ten times better with an aa namely commando and cykes.

storm is at the greatest dissadvantage imo because commando and a flying sent takes the safety of run away out of her game.

but with an aaa of her own can be a formidable opponent cause sent being traped on the ground.