Killing old Habits and other unrelated questions


So I just started play SF4 on Xbox Live after 6 months of playing CPU (I got Banned). Anyways I really am being destroyed online because of my old habits.

Wake-up Shoryukens - This is my major weakness. The problem is that it actually works on scrubs like me. While fighting someone who actually is good, I get killed.

Attempts on links - I’ve been playing Offline for a long while so a lot of BnB combos are almost muscle memory. Of Course Lag kills almost every single timing that I’ve grown so used to.

Overall Control - I think I have a anger issue in this game. I admit to being a scrub but I lose sight of the line between a Controlled Rushdown and just mashing combos.

Dealing with cross-ups…with a Sagat - I once played a game with a Sagat in a G3 Championship match. And I got destroyed. Mostly because of my fears. The guy was actually pretty good. But every time I see a chance for punishment, I just give it up due to the fact that it was Sagat. I’ve never had to deal with so much pressure to block well being the whole J.MK, C.MK, TU, FADC, Ultra. So basically, learning to deal with pressure.

And now for the unrelated questions.

Can some one explain to me the details of lag? Or atleast tell me how to find out myself. Like how many bars = x amount of frames skiped or delayed?

Should a try to mash for links? Like right now I just press the button and hope it’s on right frame…And lag doesn’t kill it

Which character should I choose. Right now I play with Gouki/Akuma, with a little bit of Balrog/Boxer. But I really want to start learning Guile. The thing is, with my rush-down Akuma, I can beat players that are “below” my level. Because they themselves can’t deal with pressure. While with Balrog, I can beat players my level due to the whole mind-games involved with a simple dash-punch ( Like FADCing into a sweep or throw). But recently I dabbled a bit into Guile, who’s turtle aspects along side his rush-potential intrigued me… Problem with Guile is that I can’t really be as mobile as I want with the other 2 characters and I get rush-downed easily. And my play style is basically trying to restrict the other player in terms of offense. Basically, Akuma for me is kind of mindless. While Balrog has problems with long ranged spammers and turtles. While Guile has problems with Rush-down characters or characters with a strong game plan.


Is the first half of your post you just thinking out loud?

Mashing to make up for lag is a textbook bad habit. If you don’t care about becoming a good SF player or tournaments, go for it I guess, but its going to fuck with your offline play. I’d rather just miss the combos attempting to do them right in lag conditions than possibly fuck myself over when I play in a lagless environment.

And every character has weaknesses. I know the feeling of playing one character for a while, then playing another one and suddenly feeling like you’re much better with that character, but it doesn’t last.


Never ever ever ever ever mash for links. It’s bad practice and a lot of the time is bad because it’s a 50/50 chance you’ll link correctly then.

Guile is able to deal with rushdown quite easily actually, you just have to be patient and force the opponent to play at your pace. It takes concentration and a lot of it though.