Killing the damn demon

any tips or prevention not to get pulverized by akuma’s cheap/beastly rushdown

and how to handle akuma that keeps turtling …

let’s start with average/medicore akuma players that play …‘cheap’

is there any flaws and disadvantages about akuma’s air-fireball
all i know was oro could dash in …
if it was neutral-jump-air-fireball or towards-jump-air-fireball, akuma’s doomed .

if it was backward-jump-air-fireball …would oro be in trouble ?
this often gave me problem with alex …

is there something wrong with parry -> punish?

sure parry , but akuma starts too c.forward my foot after 1 second
(if he jump-towards and hadou )

and you know that i can’t do multi-task …

if parry is not ur thing, try backwards jump > forward superjump and then hit him in the air.

air hurricane and wake-up hurricane is another problem

most meaty attacks will beat wake up hurricane kick, but then you have uppercuts to worry about =P there is no definite answer to beating someone… its all mind games ^^

i was using alex