Kills brother in fight over PlayStation

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Kills brother in fight over PlayStation

A 16 year old stabbed and killed his brother after arguing heatedly with the use of video game “PlayStation”, reported Wednesday the police.

The boy, who was not identified, was formalized on Wednesday on charges of manslaughter and risk a sentence of 3-5 years in prison. At the moment he was placed in an enclosure of the National Service for Minors (Sename).

Research Commissioner Gilberto Opazo, head of the Metropolitan Homicide Briganada said “there are two youth at risk” who stayed 10 years in Sename headquarters, where they were rescued by a Belgian Valerie Michael, to give a better life.

The woman was at home at the time of the fight, which began Tuesday night when Manuel Gonzlez Muoz, 18, turned on the console to use it without permission from his younger brother, who rebuked him harshly and then buried a knife in the chest.

Opazo said the young man is sorry and just said “he had spent his hand.”

Whoa… o___O;

All that over a Playstation? That’s pretty nutty. :frowning: Ouch.

I’ve heard of kills killing their folks over a keyboard in Russia.

This does not surprise me.

I bet he’ll ask for permission next time… oh wait.

To soon?

another example of video game violence carrying over to the real world, i bet that boy loved gta

I know a couple girls that pulled a knife on their family over some games and plus didn’t we have that thread about that kid that pulled a gun on his family over xbox or some shit like that?

Stuff like this shouldn’t surprise anyone, parents need to learn that video games don’t replace parenting and when you let it this is what happens.

That kid who killed his parents and then got caught playing Counter Strike, still covered in their blood, was WAY more hardcore.

There’s usually more to it than the video game, judging by the history of these stories.

Great, another reason for video games to be demonized… we really needed this…:rolleyes:


But naw, we all knew that, brah.

He probably thought his brother had a extra life…

to soon yea :confused:

Playstation one?

Somebody tell these niggas about emulation.

…and videogames will once again be blamed for retardation.

In america, dat Madden. In third world areas, dat FIFA.

Wait, when did that happen? It sounds terrible, but somewhat awesome at the same time. Dare I say it, it’s almost up there with the chainsaw decap guy.

The missing subject on the topic title is so bizarre, it keeps catching my attention like a traffic accident. The actual article wasn’t written up like that was it?

“He had spent his hand”—whaaaaaa?

"If it weren’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college."

I got it: his bro killed him for fapping in his bro’s separate bedroom while watching pron on the ps3.

they do not have ps3s in chile yet
it has to be an ol’ grey psx

I’m not proud at all of this incident, but I don’t like this kind of comments either. It’s just like some people who think the country is in ruins after the quake, which is absolutely not true at all. And we have PS3s here, since the worldwide launch, it’s just that they cost more here and the average chilean earns less than the average american, so it’s harder to get one here. I can’t afford a next-gen console or a HDTV, but luckily I have some friends that can and I regularly go to their place to playtest SF4. I don’t know if you said that out of sheer ignorance of just for the fun of flaming, but I demand some respect.

On topic: I knew about the incident, but I didn’t know that they were adopted and that they probably came from a poor, aggressive background. And I can bet anything you want that the fight was for a PS2. Everyone here has modded PS2s, and it was probably for a hacked version of Winning Eleven/PES, which has local teams and spanish comments by the most known local commentators, which most people here play. Fifa is for the people who have a PS3/360 and HDTVs. Though it looks like the adopting family was in a good economical situation, so it might have been a PS3 or even a 360, as in the 90’s all consoles here were “Nintendos”, now uncultured people here think that all consoles are “Playstations”. From what I heard, the conflict escalated when the big brother tossed a d-pad to the small brother, that made them both enter in rage mode.