Kim BnB combos/Kick Super ect

im lokkin for kim nice combos bnb,and after his 2qcf super anti air. how do i combo?

Does, combo??? I dont think so

For combo starter use always instead of lp it was more range and more damage.

After the kick super juggle with a HP sand blaster, the moon slice kick(d,u+hk) only does full damage at point blank range and when done really deep. Sandblaster also has more horizontal range.

His BnB is ducking short, ducking jab, ducking forward, crescent kick. That, and ducking short x N into fierce flash kick. N depending on the size of your opponent, you can get up to 4 on fat characters.

Easiest super combo is ducking short x3, standing short, dash super. Level ones only connect after 2 shorts, though.

Crouching short, crouching forward does combo, it’s the same timing as the shotos…it’s hard.

Crouching short starts combos, but if you’re going to link crouching forward, use crouching jab first. Just try it. Crouching short, jab, forward is way easier than crouching short x2, forward.

Typically, anytime you use the thunderfoot (“up-kick” or whatever), just hold down back. If it hits, juggle with charge moves…if it whiffs, you’ll probably want to be blocking anyway.

Hmm…if you’re in C-groove, after level 2 thunderfoot, just do level 1 dash super. Unless your opponent is falling toward the corner…then you infinite.

can someone explain this “infinite” to me…(like what should it look like when done proper)


True…those dont combo AND

I could be wrong but I believe its cr.Lk, cr.Lp, cr.Lk u+Hp, is a two-frame link, I think. should have been cr.lp though. >_< About the cd,u+P b&b, well… you can do three c.lp’s, or three’s, etc etc. Lots of combinations.

I believe the infinite = cancel the level 2 Up-Kick with an early HK stomp, hold HK, (stance change) kara-cancel lp into another HK stomp, kara lp into HK stomp, ad infinitum.

Leezy? Do you think tked dive kicks are useful as a lvl 2 cancel?