Kim glitch

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with strategy, but I’ve discovered a sound glitch with Kim that’s truly bizzare. Btw, it only lasts until the KO. has graciously accepted to host the video, you can find it on the media page of

Discuss. What exactly is this glitch?

:wtf: HUGE wtf goin on there.

I have absolutly no idea why this would occur, it’s gotta be same sound-activation programming glitch where some line of code is missing/imcomplete/something. Strangest thing is, the sound that you hear is EXACTLY the same sound as whenever my gamecube freezes. And I don’t mean a generic ‘errrrrr’ sound either, it’s the bloody same.

Applicable tactics; if you know of the glitch and your opponent does not, and you happen to be in a Kim v Kim mirror, then try and predict a conquest stomp and mirror it :D.

-All likely hood of this circumstance ever coming up = 0.0004%
-Getting the win becuase your opponent whats too confuzzled by the random sound = Priceless.

haha, i concur, the odds of that hapening are ultra slim, but the priceless factor is worth it :nunchuck:

Actually, there is a very easy way to do it, if both players decide to force the glitch.
Take kim vs kim, of course, and get them just far enough apart that they’ll just barely whiff the simultaneous stomps. Now get one kim to start doing: [dn, dn, lk]xN. Now the second players just has to do the same thing but he also needs to try and synchronize it. There’s about a 3 frame window on it. You can have either kim beat out the other a frame early, or have them trade.

In case anyone is wondering, I can also do it with Honda vs Honda. So there’s at least 2 moves in the game that have this glitch.