Kim Infinite never made it into tournament play

Over the years, I’ve been keeping up with cvs2 and the tournaments that have hosted this game. Plenty of time was wasted watching tourney vids as well. I have never seen Kim’s infinite used in tournament play.

Is it really that hard for Kim to get in? He’s got decent footsie tools and has a killer roll. 2 shorts and rehearsed execution should equal dead opponent, but that only caught on with other characters (like shotos).

Are there not enough good C-Kim players?
Do CvS2 players have less execution skills than MvC2 players on average? (making the infinite unapproachable)
Is Kim automatically dismissed by some players due to his scrub friendly roll?

Cuz really, some of the most advanced maneuvers in MvC2 require strict, precise execution and plenty of top players use them time and time again. Why was this never done in the case of C-Kim? :wonder:

infinites in marvel are not that hard…once you learn the timing they are actually pretty easy. The timing is much tighter in CVS2 as well as where you’re able to do an infinite.

Kim is a tough Character to master I think there is only one serious kim out there and its Leezy’s k groove kim so i guess the easiest answer is…its just easier and less troublesome to kill people with sagat blanka chun li guile honda if you’re going to play c groove why learn a character thats going to require a lot of hard work unless you just happen to like the character.

not to turn this into a marvel discussion but what advanced maneuvers are you talking about in mvc2 …the rom with mags…Stark’s infinite…tiger knee ahvb because i’ve seen scrubs do all of these at ctf

Leezy owned me up once at MGL with the Kim infinite, not in a tournament though.

good times.
and corrected it for you.

What can I say, Leezy excites the boys and girls

he excited me in ways i didn’t know i wanted to be excited…

speaking of leezy, where the fuck has he been? did he retire from SRK too?

I’m still here. It takes a while for me to get back on SRK after Evo 'cause I get burnt out and lose interest.

As for the topic, I was gonna mention that I’ve done it several times in tournament, just not to top players 'cause my C-groove isn’t good enough to play against them. The most notable was that dude at EvoWest that called his girl like he just watched me birth a child or something, and one time at an SVGL tournament in a loser’s final against Oliver. That was probably the sickest. R2 Kim vs R2 Sagat, I got down to 10% life, and then hit infinite into lvl3 for the win.

I think the difficult part about hitting it is because everyone knows when it’s coming, so it’s hard to actually hit the lvl2 thunderfoot required to start it. So you have people frantically running away, negating your opportunities for it, and you have to settle and just do lvl2 dash super into corner combo or something equally flashy. This runaway, combined with the fact that it’s still hard to hit, and they have to be in the right position makes it very hard to hit in game. Getting them in the right position isn’t too hard, I guess, they just have to be falling into the corner like half screen away when you kick them the first time…but hitting lvl2 kick is hard. You have to get in, hit low short, confirm that they’re standing and not crouching (except tall characters that can’t duck it…like Sagat…yay), hit another short and do it. A lot of times, you will be too far because the first short wasn’t as deep as possible.

John, if I go to NCR this year (or whatever it ends up being called), I will try my hardest to infinite someone and get it taped. Depending on my draw, I may even risk getting sent to losers to get this done.

wow hopefully u lose to me trying to infinite or hopefully i dont eat it =[

also, what happened to all those japanese players playing C-KIM/RUGAL? And wtf was that, that combination of characters?

You mean the only c kim/rugal known as yuu?

What do you mean ?

can you play dis shit on line?

no, there used to be a ton of kim/rugal players in japan. the running joke was that you couldn’t pick one without the other

the kim infinite isn’t that hard to perform, but like leezy said, hitting it is troublesome. the threat of the infinite usually leads to a lot of other free damage (throws, stance overhead into combo), but people are generally so intent on not getting hit by the infinite that they just accept all that other damage

I always eat the infinite because I forget it exists because I’ve never seen it in play.

That statement hurts…

What happened to those players? And was there a story behind the kim/rugal trend?

The kim/rugal combination is just too manly.

I love Leezy (nohomo)

Well thanks man! That’s a hell of a favor I owe you. Glad to see that your interest in CvS2 still exists :tup:

I forgot about the Thunderfoot only hitting fat crouching characters. I guess that would be a major factor against its usability. Still, Kim vs. Sagat is no trivial matchup; hopefully that very match will be caught on tape, infinite and all. :smokin:

I swear I remember watching a vid of Kim doing the infinite in match…
He fucked up after a few reps, but still. I’m pretty sure it was a tourney vid too. I’ll see if I can find it.