Kim Jong Un to require all university men to have his haircut


Not a joke:

This is Kim’s hair:


Apparently people disapprove because his haircut reminds them of Chinese smugglers. :lol:


It could catch on, but first he needs a song about Thrift Shopping in North Korea.


That haircut looks fucking retarded. Glad I don’t live in North Korea.

What a fucking dork.


We who live in the US seen worse.


In before Serpent sees that women can still choose from several state-approved haircuts and adds North Korea to his top three most feminist countries in the world.




From direct orders of my leader, I’m going to cop this haircut. Thanks Kim jung il or whatever for the inspiration.


Yeah, but in 'Murica you can wear your hair any damn way you please. Fuck that Bert and Ernie-looking bullshit.


For the modern day equivalent of M. Bison, this guy’s pretty lame.


Needs hk scissors to his hair


Makes sense at a distance.


Every male in North Korea having that haircut essentially means he has a massive supply of body doubles. How will we ever assassinate him now?

What do you mean, “Shoot the one guy in North Korea who looks well-fed”?


North Korea’s version of ‘Simon Says’ is a serious pain in the ass…


I dont see the issue. Its a legit haircut…I have it myself.


The sad part is the little turd was trying to look like Trunks.


Now North Korea is going to brag about its advance cloning technique to the world.


Incoming army of androids


Silly Kim Jong Un, thinking he’s such a big wig. I really don’t think this will cut it. I mean, people might dye just to get around the law.


K wave style shiitake mushroom cut?



Thus reinforcing the stereotype that all Asians are good at ping pong.