Kim newb here

Well since hearing all that about kim I thoughtd I d try him out, if thyre are any kim players out there any tips would help me. and I use K groove.

I used to use him and he was pretty good. but I grew out of him and want to go back now.

You’ll find alot if you just scan on down the forum a bit. But I’ll try to give you some pointers.

His crossup is his FK. Nice combo after that is low lk lp lk, up FP(his triple kick in the air) Hits for 6 without the cross up. Nice combo into supers:

low lk lk qcb lk(hold) hcf mk Should hit 20 times if you are doing it right. You have to watch out between the 2nd and 3rd kicks though. If you don’t release the button on the 2nd kick fast enough, his flip sissor kick thing comes out. (crossup into this if you can or empty low jump)

You can do his air super (qcf hcb K) off of a jump in FK before they hit the ground. You can even do this if they are still standing on the ground. It will work if do the super right after you kick them.

His qcfx2 k is good for people who like to jump over you. After you activate the super, charge down. And as they are falling either up and FK (then down and FK for the 2nd hit) or HP and hit them twice or 3 times. Depends on your timing.

My favorite poke string, is l.lp --> qcb mk. If it’s not blocked that’s 5 hits. If blocked, still good guard crush is down.

You can also lure them in with a dd FK, hold FK(charge back) FP forward lk. This all should push them back.

Others may have better strats than I but it should give you a start.

Use his standing lk and low mk as just normal pokes to keep someone at a distance. His anti-air normal is standing MK. Don’t use his standing FK unless you’ve done a meaty jump-in. Otherwise, you are wide open. I’m surprised I was able to think this much about Kim. I usually can’t explain anything unless I have the game on then it just flows out. But I still suggest on search the forums here for more. I’m sure there is a hell of alot of stuff I missed and is more important that what I had to say. Good luck.