Kim stat's.....!?

can any body help me with kim stats… video’s… combos… anything that you got…?

There are plenty of info on the other kim threads…
ah well fuckit here’s some basics

-Most popular groove:

-standing short/lk is a good poke.
-d,d+k hits low and it can be cancelled into his rush super.
-crossover is jumping roundhouse/hk
-j. forward/mk and j.fierce/hp are good air-to-air
-most popular b/b is crouching jab/lp, link crouching strong/mp, then qcb+k
-repeating tigerknee(superjump cancelled move) midair qcf+k is a decent guard breaker, some antiair gets stuffed by this move, but you cannot combo from the move and the move itself does no damage.
-his ground normals suck. Only decent ones are and, other ones either have too much lag/startup or no prorieties.

anybody who got the video let me know i wanna see it ok thanks guy’s

OK, go there and check video number 13 of the series.
Absolutely recommended.

Antiair cc(a must know):
d,u+mk x 2 then d,u+p x n, super

thanks for the help…!

Kim is the greatest dude.
I hate it when he dies. g i was pissed off when they made him die

Theres my old thread that had a lotta crap… probably pretty hard to read though. But thats what you get for high school drop out.

when ur life is blinking when ur using s-groove charge up and do qcf qcf k the catch him on the way down with qcb hcf k:cool:

Pretty sure you can do lvl 3 qcfx2+k, lvl 1 qcfx2+k then jump qcf,hcb+k also in S groove.

How the hell do you guys do that air kick with kim? The one that hits like 3 times in the corner. I have seen it in videos and I can’t do that. Somebody told me some time ago and can’t remember how to do it. You have to hold the buttons or something right? Does anybody have Kim’s infinite on video? Or does anybody know how to do it in here?


look in the thread i posted…

it has all semi infinites, and his true infinte.

I know you mentioned not to ask you again about Kim’s infinite, but I have a question. You just do the power LV.2 and then cancel with the moves you post it? Wich power are you talking about, I think I didn’t see which power (or I was too lazy to find it). IF you can help me that’s cool. If not, thanks though.

That infinite seems damn hard! NObody has done it on video?


your in C groove if your talking about the true infinite. And yea just do what i posted and it works. as for videos i dunno… sai-rec had a video of it and i made a video of it. But i dunno if anyone would have those videos.

That infinite is pretty cool. I’ll see if I can do it. How long did it take u to do it? Did you discover that infinite? That kim guy has his secrets huh? By the way, I don’t want to be a dick, but do you happen to know Kyosuke’s infinite?
I have seen it, but I guess that is not the true infinite.

Thanks a lot man.


there is a big ass japanese 5on5 CvS2 tourny from awhile back…i think they were playing c groove rugal/kim and somebody…the file is about 500 sumtin MB’s and you can find it on direct connect. basically…sagat small hopped and kim rolled at the same time (sagat small hopped towards the corner), then kim did a xx lv2 kick ur ass up in the sky super, then he proceeded to stomp his ass (infinite)…it looked real real good, because the damage didn’t seem to scale correctly.

No i didnt discover it sai-rec told me about it, i just found a differnt method of how to do it.

Umm how long did it take me to do it? i dunno not to long i guess. shrug with practice im sure you will get it…

as for kyosuke he has a infinite in S-groove, and has a semi infinite in C groove. Um both are pretty hard to do imo. But you can get some fairly damageing combos useing like the idea from them semi easily…

Final showdown, no offense, but Clean you damn inbox! Well, I just had this question.

I can do the set up and the first 2 hits and from there I can’t connect the third hit. Do you have an Idea why it doesn’t connect? I try to do it to blanka and in the corner. Does it have to be in a specific place(mid screen, corner etc…)? Before I do the third hit Blanka is on the ground falling. Is it extremely fast?

I got direct connect. DO you have an idea who might have the video?

Thanks man.

I am just getting crazy with this combo.

I still can’t do this damn infinite, please help! Is there roll cancel to be done with the infinite? I can’t get that infinite down, mannnnnnnnnnn. 3rd hit won’t connect. I tried it the Sai-rec way, and the FInal way, but no luck.



How would roll cancel solve anything?

lol… umm…

yea RCing wouldnt do anything…

umm as for my pm box… sorry thats not really my fault umm almost all my pms are deleted i only have like 5 so i dunno what the problem is. Anyway umm not sure what to say about the infinite…

If you have aim and like a DC next to the cpu or something i can try and walk you through it i suppose.

my aim is…

final shodown