Kim Strategy and Matchups

Just like Maj said, post strats, combos, and ask questions. I’ll copy and paste some strats from the other thread over here.

All these characters cannot crouch under Kim’s launcher super:

Geese, Chang
Zangief, Sagat
Rugal, Yamazaki, Benimaru
Dhalsim, Terry
Kyo, Joe

This is important to know, since you don’t have to catch these characters standing to be able to infinite them. Makes it 20x easier to land on them. I’ve always been under the impression that the launcher super is only uncrouchable by Sagat’s height tier and above.

Conversely, you should remember who can crouch his upkicks:

Chun, Sakura, Mai, Kim, Vice, Yuri, Nakoruru, Rock, Hibiki
Maki, Iori, Athena

this is a pretty big bummer since your standard low shorts into triple kicks combo won’t work on these characters all the time.

Lastly, Kim’s standing fierce. This is his best midrange move, so you should know who can crouch it. All of the above “short” characters, plus:

Shotos, King, Rolento, Haohmaru
Vega, Cammy
Morrigan, Yun

In short, Kim is a lot more effective against big characters. :smiley:

Yeah, this is weird, but are you sure Chang can’t duck under Kim’s launch super.

On a crouch Chang, I linked the launch super off of two crouch shorts, and it didn’t connect.

Or am I just imagining things.

Aight i’m gonna get this started.
best pokes, in order from good to bad:
-far s.fierce

Kim’s stand definitely one of the best pokes in the game. What makes it scary is that it’s fast and supercanellable. So basically this turns kim into a psuedo-chun li. When the opponent whiffs an attack (EX. Shoto misses a sweep) walk up s.lkxxsuper. C.forward is his main buffering tool. Walk up c.forward after a blocked is good, and you’ll most likely get a counter hit. C.forwardxxqcb+mk/lk is your friend, use it. His stand fierce is a good tool when playing footsies, especially agasint Sagat, and blanka., far s.fierce is a good little block string. C.roundhouse, Very quick and long range, i don’t think i need to explain. c.strong, very very close to the shoto c.strong, except it seems to be a little slower. It stuffs a lot of attacks like cammys drill, s.roundhouse, and blanka’s slide and c.fierce.
S.strong is good to use against tall characters, and it trades with sagat’s s.fierce.

  Kim's Playstyle:

Ok there are 3 ways to play kim. The rolly polly way (which 70% of the people who use him, play him), or the rushdown (15%) or calculating way (15%). rolly polly consists of sitting in one spot, charging for either a d,u+p/k or roll into d,u+k or roll throw, or roll super. Basically rolly polly is “scrub kim”. Rushdown is what it is, rushdown. And the calculating style uses his pokes, plays patient and tries to captilize off of big openings. Now all of these play style are very valid tactics and do work, well the rolly polly one does to some extent. So all the rolly polly players out there, you guys probably won’t need to read the rest of the thread, since i just told you the most to get out of your play style :D.

I’ll go more indepth later about what the other 2 play styles should look for.

Rolling will always be a vaible tactic in this game.

So what kinds of things should you look for while using kim?? Here’s a few things:

*1.does your opponent like to stand or walk/run forward a lot they like to reversal through your poke strings
3.are they a jabber they normal jump, or short jump a lot often do the roll
6.can they and do they AA you often do they react to your crossups *

  1. This may not seem like much, but can really help you in the long run. One move i see a lot of “scrubs” use, other than his d,u+p/k, is his b,f+k. This should be one of your most rarely used moves. If you are playing against someone who is always standing this moves comes in handy when you really need that knock down. I find that it works most on sagat when he’s doing his usual, s.jab “whiff-athon”. The bad thing is that if you are too predictable with it, you’ll be punished severly. The b,f+k has some pretty good setups for poke strings or combos. For instance you can do:
    -b,f+k, knockdown, dash over, c.lp, c.mkxxqcb+lk/mk
    -b,f+k,stand over them, s.fierce(1 hit)xxxd,d+kxxxsuper if it hits or any of his switch stance options.
    -b,f+k,knockdown, dash over,c.lp,, s.lkxxxsuper
    -b,f+k,knockdwon, wait a split second, throw
    and there are a few other tricks, but i’ll keep them to myself :smiley: . This one move can very well turn the match around, and give you that opportunity for big damage. Just watch out for characters with really good reversals and supers. A little experimentation and you’ll find what works best for you

2.Now one of my biggest problems is getting reversaled through my poke strings. Most of this is becuase i do a lot of conditioning to my opponent but i don’t switch it up when i need to. For instance i’ll have someone trapped in the conrner and go for,,c.lp,, walk forward, c.forward. we’ll do a little jiggling for a while, i’ll get a sweep or throw and go for the same exact pattern, now at about the 4th time i go for this string my opponent is conditioned to it and i get hit with a dp or super. What i’ve been doing lately is seeing what i can do to remedy this. Here’s what i’ve been practicing now, the usual string,,c.lp,, walk forward, c.forward, for the 3rd rep i do,c.lp, WAIT and see what my opponents reaction is. Usually it’s a dp and the best way to punish it is s.fierce (only punish it with a super if it’s absolutely necessary). other things you can do c.mkxxqcb+lk/mk when he lands, or you can try to do some advanced mix up like: dash in, s.fierce(1 hit, while he’s in the air)xxd,d+k hold, switch stance lk immediately, into whatever is appropriate.

  1. Jabbers are probably the easiest to get around. It’s simple, they like to jab you through your strings, if you find that happening your string is either too long, or there’s too big of a gap. the remedy is to setup counter hits, and every now and then insert a random super (usually a lvl 2 or lvl 3 since they have good recovery). Roll d,u+p/k is good to use every now and then also. that was easy huh

i’ll finish the other 4 in my next post.

Side note: It’s also a good a idea to take a few tiger uppercuts when doing poke strings against sagat. It sets up whiff tiger uppercut and punish with super nicely, take some damage to give even more :smiley:

Great stuff Chem + Buktooth. Kim is too cool, keep the good stuff coming :tup: :tup:

Ya i cant really read all this abbreviation stuff but can u guys post some vids of kim combos and what they are how to do them, etc.If you can thx alot.

Not that this is important outside of C, maybe a little for N, and probably not for A, but: it’s possible to do a c.forward xx lvl 1 launching super, then follow up with a tiger kneed ho’ou tenbu kyaku (qcf, hcb + k in the air). It does a considerable amount of damage, and, hell, it’s two lvl 1s! Also noteworthy is that there are two ways to tiger knee the super: when kim jumps back and immediately does super, and when kim jumps straight up and does the super. Granted, both leave the ground for about the same height (up to kim’s knees, were he standing), but, the latter is slightly more advantageous, since it means you can connect the lvl 1 launcher (sans c.short/forward) into the lvl 1 ho’ou tenbu kyaku at some place OTHER than the corner. I’m not exactly sure about HOW to do them both, as it’s hard to explain the way I do it, but the latter of the two goes something like this:

     qcf, hcb, qcd, up + k. 

the “qcd” (quarter circle DOWN from the back position in this case) motion should be done fast, at least, that’s how i get it out. If there’s another way to get the same result, go for it, i guess. It’s just that this is how it “feels” for me when I do it.

I think something else that should be noted is that you can cancel kim’s stomp move (d, d + k) into the ho’ou kyaku super (qcb, hcf + k). So, if you manage to connect a close c.short, or c.forward, you can immediately cancel into the stomp and cancel again into a super.

If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t just do a ho’ou tenbu kyaku after the launcher, that’s 'cuase it won’t connect, by virtue of how the launching super works. why the air super connects is beyond me, but it sure has provided hours of fun.

To add a little more variety to the playing styles caliagent was mentioning, one nice way to add pressure against characters with slow start up on moves, is to tiger knee kim’s hishou kyaku (qcf+k, in air). It has a LOT less recovery than if you’d try to keep pressure with something like Han Getsu Zan (qcb+k), or, worse, the Ryusei Raku (B for 2s, f + k), which both have longer recoveries (though the short/forward han getsu zan are deceptive, since you can create enough block stun for the opponent that you can use a super if you know they’ll immediately try to counter). One such way of using hishou kyaku as pressure, is to do a block string like this one:

c.short, c.short, roundhouse tk’d hishou kyaku, c.forward, s.rh (hold), hit short for follow up.

Of course, the purpose of the last two harder normals would be to give yourself some distance if you need it. However, the hishou kyaku in between basically lands you just close enough to hit, maybe even throw the opponent, where you probably would have used a move like han getsu zan that would have you pushed you farther back, and not given you the benefit of being close. Just an idea i suppose.

I think kim’s overhead (neri chagui - f + RH; or forward after Haki Kyaku) is pretty good if you’ve got the opponent blocking low all the time. If, however, they’ve got an itchy trigger finger trying to counter EVERYTHING, or, they’ve got enough meter in A, or are raged, etc, etc, then, of course stop. For all other intents and purposes, it can be a pretty good move to a) get in close for a throw, or b) get in close for either a hi/low follow up. by “follow up” i don’t mean a combo, since the stupid thing won’t combo into anything. I simply mean for you to use a high attack if you can tell they’re going to block low (like a tk’d hishou kyaku, or a jumping attack), or, use a c.forward/c.short into super or whatnot, if they block low.

One other nice thing about the air super, even at lvl 1, is that it can be comboed off of a super jumped roundhouse, fierce, or strong. What you do is, super jump toward the opponent (duh?), hit the button of your choice, and immediately cancel into super. It’s a very nice move to have if you’re jumping in on someone who whiffed a fireball, activated A-groove prematurely, or is simply doing something prohibiting them from blocking high, or blocking at all. The damage is obviously greater for levels above 1, but, it CAN work at lvl1, too.


shhhhhhhh!!! we gotta keep that on the low, LOL.
yeah the c.lkx2 tk qcf+k does add a lot to pressure. And usually your opponent tries to sneak in some jabs so they get hit with counter hit tk qcf+k. I’ll try to post some stuff next week i’ve just been too lazy :karate: .

hi can anyone teach me some of the should do and not of kim during A- groove? even his cc

Kim’s B&B custom is the repetition of the medium han getsu zan. Best way to do some nasty damage (say, if they whiff something and you have the opportunity to activate without the benefit of a jump in or some high priority move):

c.forward, stomp, s.rh, medium han getsu zan and cancel into another medium han getsu zan just as he finishes saying “getsu”, or, if you’d rather go by visual cues, wait until just before he completely does the splits and cancel into it; repeat the continual han getsu zans until you have about 1/8 meter left, then cancel into ho’ou kyaku.

That custom is quite possibly his best custom, i think. Doesn’t really allow for any counter attacks, since all the han getsu zan’s won’t push you back so far that it’ll leave you vulnerable; and if it doesn’t connect, and they’re blocking, you can still do some pretty decent guard crush damage. Not sure if it’s his best for guard crushing, though, I’m just saying it’s a pretty good jack-of-all-trades in terms of customs.


Nice CC there dude, can you give me any tips vs sagat (or poker characters)?

Abuse anything you can? :stuck_out_tongue: standing roundhouse can be a good way to try and get in on a turtling sagat/blanka/whatever, since, if you hold the button after pressing, Kim automatically does the stance switch (as if you’d done the hakki kyaku and held roundhouse), and can follow up with either Neri Chagui (forward), or the spinning kick that allows you to move (short; not an overhead). I use those more than the the other three buttons because of the fact that they can move you pretty close to the opponent, and have small enough recovery times that you can follow up with a tk’ed hishou kyaku.

c.rh is also pretty good, imo, especially if you use it sparingly in your mix ups. Don’t do them too close to the opponent, 'cause then you’ll probably eat lvl2 tiger raid xx tiger uppercut or something. Also, if you’re pretty far away, like maybe half to full-screen away, you could try a few short tk’ed hishou kyaku’s. Simply because it can make the other person antsy and want to jump at you, or throw a projectile, allowing you to attack or roll past them. If they don’t do anything, and your hishou kyaku’s are getting you closer and closer, then you could try something like: (when under half a screen a away) two tk’ed hishou kyaku’s, roundhouse hakki kyaku (hold rh), neri chagui (forward, then let go of rh).

if they block that whole string and don’t do anything after you’ve done the overhead, you can probably go for a throw, or a low attack into super. One of my favorite combos against people who block high after overheads, or block high too much, is c.short, short hakki kyaku xx ho’ou kyaku. I don’t know if you’ll have kim set as ratio 1, but, even with that ratio, that combo still does some pretty big damage (even if you did the lvl 1 ho’ou kyaku, which is what i do). The best part about the combo is that if they block the hakki kyaku, the stun is long enough that they can’t reverse without having to use meter to do an alpha counter, leaving them with the option of blocking afterward, or trying to retaliate after stun wears off. If the case is the latter, you can IMMEDIATELY do a ho’ou kyaku after the hakki kyaku’s finished, and you will not trade hits if they retaliate, unless they use a super of a higher level, or if they did super second in some cases.

If the sagat player puts pressure by jumping in, that’s where trouble starts. that stupid early short can stop the kuu sa jin (down, up + p), and the hien zan (down, up + k), with the latter having a better chance of connecting, but it depends on how fast you react to his jump. I’m still not really sure as to what to use as an anti-air, since most anything short of his launcher super will get snuffed and you’ll end up eating some bullshit damage combo. So, I think one of the best ways kim can fight sagat is to keep him close only if you’re on the offensive, or just out of sagat’s c.fierce range with your back as far from the corner as possible, since you’ll be able to spot jumps and act accordingly. If by some bad luck you get cornered, always remember that kim has one of the best rolls in the game, but that doesn’t mean you should start rolling like a dumbass everytime you get cornered. They will get smart and start hitting you on the last frame of your roll and hit you with a big damage combo anyway, or, they can throw you back into the corner. Don’t get predictable with your rolls, but definitely use them in tight situations where you have a clear opportunity to use it without getting knocked the fuck out afterward.

also remember that you can use the ho’ou tenbu kyaku as a good air-to-air attack if you haven’t been charging down and someone jumps. If they don’t have c.groove and are up in the air without blocking, you get a free combo.

Thanks i really need that versus camping SAGAT. I always used kim as ratio one, since his not my go two guy. I always kim’s stance move because he has very good variation move. he doesn’t know what move i’m going to do next. Sometimes im having problems with air vs air moves since kim doesn’t have priorities in that catergory do you think FP is his best air to combat?

would kim be viable in P-Groove ?

I don’t think Kim will be a better player without the roll. IMO

kim pretty much needs roll and lvl 2s infinite that shiet!

I download kim infinite vids last few days. Can you do the infinite even not in the corner?

You must be within 2 foot stomps of the corner. So you can go to the corner, hop back once, and start it from about there. Any further and you’ll ‘drop’ the opponent.
So yes, it’s a corner only combo.