Kimbo Slice, UFC Fighter, dies at 42


No cause revealed at this time.

He was one of the few UFC fighters I’d ever heard of, I don’t really follow MMA or UFC or any of that stuff, but I’d heard of Kimbo.


The face of Street Fighting, on youtube at least, RIP. Glad he gave UFC a shot even though he wasn’t great at it.

Edit: Sounds like it was from heart failure.


Heart failure was my first guess on what the cause would be.


Muhammad Ali and Kimbo fucking Slice in the same damn week.

WTF 2016?


“UFC fighter”… fuck that. A trill Miami savage who fucked up any punk in any backyard. Too many classic street fights. Plus he was a bouncer for Reality Kings and probably smashed a few pornstars.



Thought he died a while ago


“Mandella Effect?”

“Nawl, Raz0r just on drugs” :coffee:



he died of twothousandsixteenthannitis.


Ditto…too many brothers not taking care of themselves.


A black guy who walks around looking for fights. Destined to die young, imo. :coffee:


A shame. I wouldn’t be surprised if he died from heart failure as well.


Jesus. 2016 throwing curveballs with this one.

If there’s a heaven may he and the spirit of EliteXC make new matches together.


RIP Rick Ross :’(


He was obviously on steroids which may factor into this. A lot of bodybuilders, wrestlers, etc. have heart issues because of PED and/or drug use to keep them going competitively. I take steroids myself and sometimes it feels like my heart is churning butter. Regardless, still sad…I enjoyed watching his fights.


His training partner confirmed it was heart failure.


Is this the guy who fought random guys in backyards and coined the phrase “This how a nigga eat”?


Didn’t Kevin Randleman die from the same thing and at nearly the same age?


All for the legend of the sacred grains

its how he ate…


people forget a injection of testosterone can increase your bad cholesterol by 100 points.
testosterone, like all steroids, both anabolic and catabolic, is derived from bad cholesterol.
if you are going to do steroids, you gotta do omega 3 oils to counter the cholesterol increase. and/or do aerobic exercise not just lift weights. run some track for god’s sake.


you shouldnt be taking steroids if your bloods arent in order