just like it says…

Squad Big 4 eva!


actualy its a yukata not kimono oops!

Squad Big O 4 eva!


No matter what it is, it looks good.
Try to “bend” the texture a little next time (I know thats hard to do)

man, either way, i wouldn’t know what the difference is in a yukata or kimono…i just know that the girl looks hot, the yukata…as you say, looks really cool man, the patterns and all, also the hair… wats squad omaha btw? well besides it being a squad, whats omaha?

Yukata or Kimono the pic is Exquisite! Theres a good displacement map tut at that you might wanna check out. With displacement map your shit could go from dope to mad dope hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t be coloring these with a oil pastel or color pencil right?
Its just seems all too easy for ya. Another great pic dude. Still reminding me of someone though. Keep up the good work man.

T.E. you can just put the picture on its own layer and use the eraser tool with a big brush setting, double click on a brush size and change it to like 300 or something.

I displaced the textures I used and it came out realy good but you know what, I kinda like the old manga style flat textured look thats why I left it like that, I got weird taste like that I guess:p but hey what can you expect from a man whos favorite 3d fighting game is D.O.A.(tobal close second!) lol.

Wild daigo, as for squad O, thats where I’m from Omaha Ne Home of lots of japanese exchange students telamarketing and Great 3s players!

thx for all those that gave me props on my work…

Squad Big O 4 life!


ok, first of select the layer to be faded then at the bottom of the layers pallet youl see a layer mask option push it to add mask then use the gradient tool tool to make the gradation from opaic to transparent. if you still dont understand I ll try to make screan captures for you.

Squad Omaha 4 eva!( or untill somthing better comes along!)


Very nice picture there GB. I like your style a lot. Any chance of those becoming a series? :wink:


it’s so elegant! how did you do the designs?

I just do all my base colors first then I group all layers that go on each part to a base color for example I grouped the purple blosom to the base color I used for the yukata then I overlayed the flowers over the base color lastly I changed the opacity of the texture to complement the yukata.

Oh and starhammer I was considering doing a series of kimono gals…

Squad Big O 4 life!


so your originally from japan?

superdrunkenrobertgarciablingblingmasta …:lol: :lol: :lol: , gotta love your signature man

U havnt seen my pic have u? No, I’m 100% purn Negroese(black)! lol

My wife is japanese

Squad Big O 4 life!


lol, you missed and “n” in negronese man, and yeah i have seen your pic, man you already have a wife? how old are you man?

24 and my wife junko will be 27 in a couple more hours!


advance happy bday to her then

tell junko my wife and i wish her a happy birthday. the 4 of us need to hook up again soon.

good picture too, its sexy.

Damn bro you alright. I like the pic and the coloring. Looks a bit diff from your usual fresh stroking style. Keep it up man.