Kim's combo questions

I have a few questions to ask:
1)Does Kim’s infinitive hit across the whole screen, meaning that you start his infinitive from the left and do it across to the right?

2)What is the range of his It seems a bit difficult to connect qcfx2+kick if you start his combo with jump in hk, xx qcfx2+kick.

3)I know this combo is possible because it is one of the combos done by a japanese player.
jump in hk, s.lp, s.lp, xx qcfx2+mk xx dd+kick (here is what my question is)(as you hold down the kick button, hit fierce=his s.hp) d,df,f,uf,u+kick(x3) xx d,df,f,df,d,db,b,ub,u+lk. My question is you cannot do d,df,f,uf,u+kick after you hit the fierce from his stance dd+kick right? But how come the japanese player can connect it(d,df,f,uf,u+kick after hitting the fierce from his stance dd+kick)? Would anybody tell me how to do this please?

Keep an eye on this thread and i’ll get to that soon enough :smiley: