Kim's Infinite?

ok i’m bothered by this…how do u do kim’s infinite with this conquest stomps?..

please help out

Your lucky I’m in the helping mood.Click here

don’t try to do it on the xbox or gamecube versions, it doesn’t work

It’s harder than it looks, I can get it on my dreamcast all the time, but have only done it twice in the arcade

OK, anyways, I’ll help with the commands…


Level 2 Kick Super (quickly cancelled to stomp - d,d, RH)

(Hold RH) d,d, jab (let go of RH & quickly press & hold RH again), then repeat…

when you do the commands, it will feel like your never letting go of RH, but you are (weird)

I posted eons ago about setting up the Kick Super, and I swear I’ve seen someone combo it off the stomp, am I just imagining things?

If they were playing on a xbox or gc console, then you weren’t imagining things. You can cancel it into a super in P on the xb and gc. You could possibly do it on the arcade/dc version if you catch a rising opponent deep with the stomp, and then link to the super, but I’ve never tried so I can’t say for sure.

Well you can combo the qcb.hcf k super off the HK stomp without the gimmicky GC/XBox P-groove. This doesn’t work with the qcfx2k supper though and I think that’s what you meant.

I’ve heard you call also setup the infinite off qcb.hcf k super. Is this true? If so, how is it done?

in dc or arcade version, the inf is only doable in c-groove… (requires the lvl 2 extended juggle)

you cannot cancel (nor link for that matter) the qcfX2 K super off a stomp.

and no, you cannot start the infinite off the rush super.

Does the infinite work on PS2?


BTW, it is possible to screw up the infinite without even knowing it.

The command is basically: down, down, tap jab(still holding RH), release RH, press RH.

If you ever press jab AFTER letting go of RH, you’re screwed. You will whiff even though it still looks like you’re doing the infinite.

Nice avatar there, SoleEmo.

i see so you have to hit jabn while you are still holding the button damn thats why it never worked


Like someone else said, when you get it down, it’ll feel as though you’re never letting go of RH. What happens is that you need to hit jab with the quickness and follow up with RH with even more quickness. So you end up with a twitching or spazzing motion. Press jab by turning your hand, no need to actually move your fingers.

Oh, and practice by just whiffing from full screen. When you can get Kim to move forward while always in switch stance, you’ve got the technique down.

I can move across screen with the stance but whenever i go for the infinite the stomp goes right through them

that means you’re doing it too late. You gotta stomp kind of early to have it connect

Too fast or too slow. Try it at game speed 2.

ok maybe i should explain better

I do the level 2 super then I wiff the first stomp right(your suppose to right? lol) and then I get the 2nd stomp which actually hits and then the 3rd ALWAYS misses and theres been times where I know i was fast enough

that means I hit the jab after letting go of roundhouse instead of before?


I just noticed that you can get across the screen with out even touching the jab lol so yeah maybe I was doing it wrong im gonna see if that was the problem

Is there anyway to tell that your doing it the correct way?

I know my hands are more than good enough to do this damn infinite theres just something I have to be missing :sad:

Hmm ive decided that im gonna just learn the timing of the lp crap by just using the jab cancel on the charge d, u, rp move

im gonna do this

d, d, rh(hold), d, u, lp, fp

still holding rh if i get the fp rising move that means im doing the trick right once i get this down ill do the stomp

I’ve done that kind of stuff before, just to see what the timing is like. It boils down to this. The infinite is a kara cancel…roll cancelling is a kara cancel, hence they both share the same timing. If you know RC timing well, you already know the timing for cancelling the jab into stomp.

I can walk across the screen with stomps ALL DAY! When it’s whiffed, you can do at least one per second. It’s just a matter of learning that twitch between rh and jab. You need to get the rhythm going, it should be reliable and smooth to do. And also, practice on chun-li. She juggles like crazy. The infinite is definitely possible on Zangief and Raiden, but the juggle feels tighter.


I been going around that freaking infinite for months and gave up on it.
The thing is on actual play, most people wont risk going for the infinite when they can have a sure juggle.

hmm ive noticed that when going across the screen the only way to tell if your doing it right is by the range of the kick its basicall karad with you do it with the lp

The only way to tell for sure is to actually do the infinite.

Even going across the screen, there is a chance you’re not cancelling the stomp into lp. Even if you let go of the stomp and kara a new one off a lp, it should move you forward.

And the infinite is a viable tactic in game. Not to mention the setup is easy, just do a level 2 when the opponent is near the corner. SoleEmu does that shit constantly against the CPU; but since I know how to do it, I RARELY get hit by the lvl 2. Against humans, I’d only try it if I had a big lead, or big deficit.