Kims Infinite!?!?

I have been looking at some JAP vids and they do the infinite on people like noting…And i always thinks of how to do the infinite??

Can somoe one explain to me how to do his Infinite Plz…(Hope Is Eazy)

you suck

practice RC’s…it’s almost the same concept with Jab & RH

also, practice your Kim game overall, it’s useless to know how to do the infinite if you can’t do anything else with him, or else you become too predictable.

when I pick Kim now, everyone knows I’m trying to set up the infinite, so I can never get my opponent in situations to set them up for it.

Im trying to learn the kim infinite but everyone says something different first but then I finally found someone who actually sounds like hes right

then I read this

So let me get this straight,, super level 2 then cancel it into d, d, rh then hit d, d, lp(while holding rh) but sort of cancel the jab into another rh like you would cancel a roll and hold that rh you just canceled the lp with and use it to do another d, d, lp and cancel that into a rh etc, etc, etc

Is that how it is done?

sorry dude,

BFD no longer exist, that was my old account, when I just signed on to Shoryuken. I just needed a name so I could post something.

but anyway, what I posted as BFD is correct, but from what I hear, and from experience, you don’t have to hold RH while pressing jab.

this is weird because I was just taught this yesterday at BEARcade, but if you play Chun-li in 3rd Strike, she has a Kara-throw w/ forward, it’s pretty much the same concept.

basically your holding RH to stay in the switch stance, then when you press jab, he does this forward kick. Your trying to press jab and then cancel it before it ever comes out into another stomp. Kind of like cancelling a roll into a special (RC)

hence, my latest post on the infinite, it’s sort of like RC’ing.

Hope that helps you out, but once again, if your picking up Kim, learn everything about him, and then try the infinite.

here’s how I do it.

  1. get into stance. so press rh and hold OR dn dn rh(hold)

  2. dn dn

  3. immediate instant twitch. With your ring finger holding rh, tap as instantly as you can lp with your index. As soon as you go to tap lp, you’ll probably just barely let go of rh, excellent. Then get that ring finger back the fuck down on rh.

4)timing. practice it full screen just whiffing. it’s fast and you shouldn’t have to wait for anything, just keep twitching. dn dn twitch x N. Do not twitch the first one, move is only kara cancellable in switch stance. Repeat: only twitch in switch stance, or else you should be pressing and holding rh.


muahaha, got 35 hits with it yesterday… my hands are broken, i swear!

massive damage on it though :smiley:

I hope you did it in vs and saved that shit.

nope, but will next time… pretty much have it down now

down down x N, that is.

har har… as you put it… it’s more like dn dn twitch x N

but yeah, just a note for those who want to practice the infinite… some characters, like most girls in the game, and light characters (yun, dhalsim…) bounce higher than fatter characters. it makes it easier to get the timing and setup down.

That’s it, you give away one more secret and your dead. DEAD!!!

best secret in town… his mom gives great head :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

question about the kim infinite.

1.) when you do d, d+lp and quickly let go of hk and press it again. does the d, d+hk(release) is consider a negative edge?

2.) how many sets can you do anywayz, i got like 3-4 so far…

heh, i’ll reply about a year after the fact…

1)no, it’s not a negative edge, cuz technically you’re still in the switch stance animation until you press lp. Then as soon as that animation starts, it’s canceled into the stomp.

  1. i’ve hit over 60 reps of it in training… mostly for show though, it’s extremely hard to land in-game vs someone else.

  2. Edit:
    Here’s a link to a tutorial on the infinite… Infinite Tutorial

been out there for a while, but for your convenience.