Kims kicky kicks



I know that Kim has all those special kicks, but what should be used for what? I know one you can combo after (lp), one’s a overhead (mk), and one is a real fast kick. I have no clue what the other ones are used for, I never seen any Kim player use them actually, other than me, and now a friend of mine who saw me use them.


The HP one can be a good suprise for people who don’t see it. I think you can move MP back or forward…


do u no where to find any kim videos because i have never seen a kim user. Im not a kim user but i would like 2 c what ppl can do with him


Uhm… well, if you go to, you can find a Kim A-Groove combo video… maybe not exactly what you want, but hey…


If you want to know what kim can do finalshowdown wrote a huge thread on Kim. It’s possibly the greatest character thread/guide ever…