Kin-Yoobi con 2013 AUGUST 9-11 Fri-Sun (AE,UMVC,TT2,Injustice,Halo4,Persona,Smash Brawl,TvC,MK,VF5)

We have Injustice, SF:AE, U.MvC3, Tekken Tag 2, Halo 4, Catherine, Persona 4, Virtual On, Smash Brawl, TvC, Naruto Shippuden Storm 3, Dance Central 3 and VF5:FS tournaments at our convention this weekend if your interested. Tournaments are free with an attendee badge. Mortal Kombat tournament is kompletely free (no badge or venue fee) friday at 8pm. Any tournaments I missed make sure to check the schedule. Hope to see you there.


Address: Hilton Newark/Fremont
39900 Balentine Dr
Newark, CA 94560