Kin-Yoobi con 8/6-7/10 (SSF4,BS:CS,TvC,T6, Smash tournys) - Hayward, CA

:lol: Super Street Fighter 4 tournament Friday 8/6/10
When: 4pm
Where: Kin-Yoobi con at Chabot College Cafeteria
up to a 128 person bracket
Double elimination
Entry fee: Free after admission to the convention
On: 360
Top 8 gets prizes
1st $70
2nd $20
3rd-8th special prizes.

Super Street Fighter 4 tournament Saturday 8/7/10
When: 4pm
Where: Kin-Yoobi con at Chabot College Cafeteria
up to a 256 person bracket
Single Elimination
Entry fee: FREE with admission to the convention
On: 360
Top 8 gets prizes.
1st $100
2nd $20
3rd $10
4th-8th special prizes.

Kin-Yoobi con convention is hosted by GAME-ZONE RECREATION:tup:

Other tounraments
Blazblue:CS (friday)
Tekken 6
Tatsunoko vs Capcom (friday)
Smash bros. Brawl: 1 vs 1 (saturday)
Smash bros. Brawl: 2 vs 2 (saturday)

Tournaments will start at their scheduled times and you can sign up for tournaments as soon as the convention opens at 10am. Sign up ends a little bit before (whatever) tournament starts. There will not be a player cap for the other tournaments. The main reason we’re putting a cap on SSF4 is so that we can finish on time before the convention closes. Sorry if anything is unclear as far as the other tournaments.

Blazblue:CS is on both 360 and Ps3
Tekken 6 is on Ps3
Tatsunoko vs Capcom is on Wii
Smash Brawl is on Wii
Iron Gamer Competition is on multiple consoles so be ready for anything :wgrin:
Every thing else (Halo 3 etc.) is on 360

all shooting game tournamnets are hosted by Death is certain. Tournaments they may or may not have.
Halo 3
Gears of War 2
C.o.D.:Modern Warfare 2 (maybe)

Iron Gamer Competition is on friday only. It is truly to determine the Best Gamer. Here are 2 commercials for it:
YouTube - GameZoneRecreation’s Channel
YouTube - GameZoneRecreation’s Channel

Kin-Yoobi con** is from 10am to 9pm on August 6-7th, Friday-Saturday

Kin-Yoobi con is our 4th annual anime convention. Last year we had about 500 people there. We have live bands, panels, games, venders, dealers and more!

:lol: All tournaments are Free with admission.

Admission is only
For friday admission is $10 at the door but w/ pre-registration only $8.
For saturday admission is $15 at the door but w/ pre-registration only $12.
GET HYPED!!! :party::party::party::cool:

Also there is FREE FOOD! at the convention.

Kin-Yoobi con 2010 is at Chabot college in hayward.
the address at Chabot College in cafeteria:
25555 Hesperian Boulevard
Hayward, California 94545

More info can be found at our website Game-Zone Recreation

Still updating post There’s a lot of information I’ll add as well very soon.:bgrin:

I’m going to make that fight money this year, son!

sik where you at son!

Rofl moses omg!

omg kin yoobi kon 15% off discount…were we first met

how far is fridays from there?

i think its like across the street, only if your have flyers

Remember 15 % of your meal goes to my Convention! uh huh huh huh…

Definitely going to this.

hmm, interesting, i think i will go to this…
and i’m pretty sure i can get alot of heads to come with me

Anybody wanna MM KBeast for fun???

Anime convention? Free food? Free TvC tourney?

I am SO there!

This looks amazing, I’m definitely gonna go to this. Although, no Melee? :frowning:

Man I might show up, it’s on my b-day weekend(So everyone throw your match against me please!!!).

PS : Where the F is Marvel???

kbeast ill money match you in tvc for 3 dollars lols

Good stuff! I’ll check this out!

cue training montage

@Sik - Since this is a Anime Convention, I know you <3 Blanka so much you wish you can be like him. You gonna cos play it up as him?

PS I herd from the streets Moses can do a amazing makoto irl

sure, i’ll do 3 dollars :slight_smile:
o wait…i meant $1000

Money match for $1000 or your life! hahaha
i kidd…

I think may do a carpool with friends and drive up to this, anyone who is nearby want to be nice enough for housing us for two nights. If so it would be greatly appreciated.

Aw man, you didn’t have Chabot’s favorite: CvS2! Memories…

Either way i hope to show up :slight_smile:

Yeah, def. Not going to this one as it is about 6 or 7 hours away! Fuck em up Yoshi, Kevin, and Tron!