Kind of a bum out


So I picked up SSF4: AE a few weeks back because I wanted a new fighting game to get into. None of my friends play, but I’ve been playing online and trying to get better and learn.

I come to find that everyone who I play online is essentially a dick. No one wants anyone to learn, they just want to gloat or tell you how lucky you got when you beat them. I had heard so many rad things about this community and yet I haven’t experienced that many cool people short of the ones in some of the forums.

I live in Long Beach, CA. Just looking to get better and have fun.


You looking for people to play locally or online? There’s a section of the forums called ‘regional matchmaking’ that will usually have a thread for your local scene. If you’re looking for people to play with online, you should mention your GT and if you’re ps3 or 360


Good point. I’m looking for both I guess.

I’m on PSN. My GT is Z-LBC

I’m a mediocre Dudley at the moment.


The majority of people that I play against online seem pretty normal. Maybe it is a west coast problem?


It’s just something you have to deal with whenever you hop on the internets, everybody is an e-thug out here. Just ignore the hate and focus on improving yourself.
Look in the regional matchmaking section of the forum for Long Beach. There’s a bi-weekly tournament at CSULB, casuals at Luky’s place, casuals at Don’s house in Torrance, tournaments in the city of Orange, WNF in Walnut, etc. There’s no shortage of places you can play offline against top players and quickly level up. I live out in Artesia, CA.


I really appreciate this. Thanks. I need a lot of work and the only way I’m going to get better is by playing other people and hearing what they have to say.