Kind of a difficult request. A challenge!

I made myself a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 av a while back and was fairly satisfied with it, but there was always something lacking. I’ve got Mike and the bots in front of the screen, but what’s on the screen? Nothing! It’s redundant! And what is Mike pointing at? My point exactly.

So what i’d like someone to do is maybe put something on the screen in front of them. It seems difficult to me, but maybe its an easy thing to do, it doesn’t matter because my hard drive is fucked and Photoshop won’t run. Anything will do, maybe just some on-screen movie noise? Thanks.

The scene in kill bill where the bride is hiding in the rafters.

Actually, I was hoping for motion happening on the screen behind the fixed pic of the boys. That’s why I thought it might be difficult.

That’s a really cool scene to put it to though.