Kind of a noob question, but


Angel’s laser. How do I beat it. My friend just spams it relentlessly and I know it can’t be as broken as it seems, but I can’t figure a way around it. I come from a Street Fighter background so I’m new to Tekken, but I’m not dumb ._. it really seems unstoppable. Also I know you can crouch it, but I don’t think it’s fair to have to crouch walk across the whole screen just because she is on the screen, this isn’t Marvel.


Can’t you just side step it? It’s the one that shoots straight forward but has slow start-up, right?

I’m not really familiar with the character, I just know that she’s a “clone” of Devil Jin and you can side-step Devil Jin’s laser.


If it’s the same as DevilJin’s (haven’t played Angel)… you can either sidestep + punish or duck and dash up punish.
The move is super unsafe if it misses you.


That’s the thing I don’t understand… It starts up super fast for an unblockable (less than one second for sure) and this is my major grip is you can’t side step it. That was the first thing I tried :confused:


At what time are you side-stepping? Because if you side-step too late then you get hit. I think you need to anticipate it and side-step before the laser beam even appears…if you see her duck her head, RUN!

Unless that’s when you tried to side-step in which case I have no idea how else to avoid it other than crouching and slowly walking forward. :frowning:


I’ll try a more strictly timed side step, but even that seems too much because of the rate he can spam it. I’ll go into training mode some more and see what I can figure out, but at the moment crouch walking is all I have and that seems to be far to limiting.