Kind of a quick silly question, what is this solderless lead thingy? Signal cable?

Hey guys, quick question I had…

I was always under the impression that you just would solder a lead from a PCB directly to a button. However I see tis diagram and see otherwise:

What exactly is this wire called? Such a silly question I figured but seeing how I don’t know exactly what to search it was somewhat difficult to find out exactly. The picture says “Signal Cable” but I can’t find it to buy anywhere… So yeah, anyone clear this up for me? I feel kinda noob haha.


This “Signal Cable” you see is just what you thought it was.
You said that you can solder a wire from PCB directly to Button.

That is what the Signal Cable in the picture is.
But also in the picture, is each end of wire crimped with a Quick Disconnect. just saying that the ABXY and Up-Down-Left-Right (and what other) already have wires soldered onto.
Ready for you to just connect to your Buttons and Joystick with the Quick Disconnects.

Well I was interested in trying to find and buy these cables because any less soldering I’d have to do would be beneficial. I know I could solder to the PCB, but if I could save the effort on my buttons (and keep them clean of solder :smiley: ) would be beneficial.

If I wanted to buy these cables how would I go about looking for them as a general item? Typing into google “Buy signal cable” doesn’t really work because it seems signal cable is a pretty general term.

Any clues where I could buy just the cable?

These “Signal Cables” worded are just wires from electronic shop. then took the wire and soldered them onto the PCB himself.

To keep your Buttons clean from solder, had each end of the wires have Quick Disconnects.
You just then connect the Quick Disconnects to your Button Prongs.

Ok, so I’m guessing what I’m looking for are just the Quick Disconnects then since I do have plenty of wire laying around from all my haphazard electronics projects

Yup, if you do not want to be soldering the wire directly to Buttons and Joystick, Quick Disconnects can be used.

The size you need is 3/16" Quick Disconnect.
0.187 is same as 3/16", incase you cannot find 3/16" but 0.187 size.

Quick Disconnect style you will need is Female. uses 0.187 Quick Disconnects for both American (0.187) and Japanese (0.110) Buttons.
He says they fit both.

Have fun.

Thank you very much for the specific details, I appreciate the help!

After I fail miserably I’ll buy my PCB kit from GamingNow, hehe