Kind of lost on what to do... (new player)


I am rather new. I have probably played SF4 for less than 2 weeks. I like to play with Ryu and will probably learn the game with him. The only thing I have really done has been going through his trials and practicing the timing on some of the simple things they list in the challenge mode. (MP, MP, HK) or (c.LK, c.LP, LP, c.HK) stuff like that. and the focus attack cancel challenge.

Anyway, I don’t really know what it is I should be doing next? Do I start playing online games over and over? Should I be in training mode practicing something?

What would the next step be for me to evolve in this game as a complete beginner?

NOTE: I am completely new to FIGHTING games in general (no previous experience)

Even if there’s like a ‘BEGINNERS CHECK LIST for SFIV:AE’ floating around on the internet somewhere lol or if someone decides to make one =P

All help is appreciated,


If possible, find a friend who plays SF4 or fighting games to help teach you in person.
If there’s nobody who can, I would suggest playing some player matches. A lot of people are willing to play casual matches with a friendly person and help them.

Also, VesperArcade has an amazing tutorial of Street Fighter 4 and covers everything you need to know. It starts with very simple topics and moves on to more complicated stuff, and you probably won’t have to know the later stuff until you have a better understanding of the game, no offense.The first 3 chapters talk about using a joystick versus using a controller. All fighting games are completely playable with a controller. When you start playing fighting games for the first time, you will have difficulty doing some motions. He starts talking about the game in Chapter 4. That’s what I’m gonna link at the bottom of this.


Good luck!


Excellent! + no offense taken lol.

Much appreciated! I will be taking a look at those videos now!

It’s unfortunate, there is no one I know that plays VS. games =[


If you’re on Xbox I could play some games with you sometime next week over Live.


Play the computer and learn how to use your moves. Like using your Fireball, your Shoryuken or crouching Fierce when they jump, your low Forward to poke, canceling your normals into specials, using your Dash Punch + Shoryuken for punishing whiffed moves…

After you get how the game works I believe you can go online and actually understand why you lost.


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You should learn Hakan.


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