Kind of New to UMvC3

Well first I would like to start by saying I’m new here on the forum.

Now, I would have to say that I am fairly new to the UMvC3 game. I mean I have played Blazblue in the past, which I think is simiar. But playing MvC has changed that view. I try to assemble characters for a team but there are just too many that seem like clones of each other. The only reason I knew what character fit what I desired was because of the description they offered for each one in the tutorial. Otherwise I have a tough time finding out what fits for me.

I have played through the entire cast and have not found anyone who really fits. I don’t really understand team composition either. Like I never understood what assists work well or how to fit peopel together on a team (can you really put your three favs on a team or do you need to use people you don’t like?).

Oops, here I am talking about style without saying what it is. Well, all I can say is that I like characters with good mobility that have good tools for keeping out and getting in. I guess thats why I used Litchi and Jin in BlazBlue.

Looking for advice, please and thanks.

Want us to lay out your clothes in the morning for you too?

Zero, Magneto, Doom, Task Master, Spiderman, Iron Man, Firebrand, Chris, Vergil, Dante, Deadpool, Storm.

All those fit the Keeping out, Getting In. It really depends of if you know how to use them. I say pick 4-6 to stick with for a month and really take the time to actually study them and learn day 1 combos with them.

What about in terms of mobility? Which members of the cast are the most agile?

In terms of raw ability to go wherever they want and do it quickly, I’d say X-23, Zero, Magneto, Wesker, Spider Man, Strider and Storm probably fit that the best. Maybe Sentinel if you play him properly. Other characters with teleport and/or flight mode also have good mobility, though they’re not as fast as the ones I’ve just mentioned.

Honestly building a good team takes a while, there’s no real easy answer to it. The best thing to do is pick one character you like, one assist that complements them well and an anchor that can get the job done if shit hits the fan and they’re all you have left.

Play lots of characters. Eventually you’ll figure out a sort of team “skeleton” you like (i.e. mine is Doom+Sentinel), and start making minor tweaks and changes to team members and assists until you settle on something that feels right. Don’t sleep on any character on the cast, you never you who you’ll like until you spend some time playing with them. Ideally you’ll end up with 3 characters that are both good together and that you like playing. This game has way too much character variety to spend your time playing characters you genuinely don’t like.

I too wish that Ragna was in UMVC3. JK I wish Badguy was in BB.

The easiest way to intuitively build a team is to pick the character you want to play the most and build a team around them.

If you have no preferences then you have no reason not to just play a top tier team (Zero and Wesker should probably be on it).

General advice on how to build a team. UMvC3 like you said is different from Blazblue, it’s a game without any clones (not sure how you could come to the conclusion that “too many that seem like clones of each other”) and to make a good team you can’t have 3 characters that all fit the playstyle you have in your mind, such a team is almost certainly to be one-dimensional and easy to deal with. It’s better to pick 1-2 characters you like and build a team around them. Easy way to build a team is pick 2 characters you like and look for a character with an assist that works well with both of them.

If you are looking for characters that have mobility, can both zone and rushdown well and don’t mind (or you especially love) high execution requirements then Viewtiful Joe, Zero, Wesker, Magneto, Morrigan, Deadpool and Dante are probably what you are looking for. Try them out and tell us what you think of them.

I have been trying out X-23 and just absolutely love her. She is pretty quick and has some good ways of getting in on the opponent. I also like Weapon X Prime (projectile immune). I still have to test what can work with her.