Kinda funny~ But serious too

GJ gang! lol

But seriously you all see the confidence they have in the matchup~. The most frustrating thing I see alot of cammy’s feeding into this. Every character forum i go to and search for what ppl say you have to do to beat cammy, and its the same. Hold down back and wait for us to fuck up and then punish. Its more frustrating because when i look at our forums alot of us are feeding into it saying “there’s nothing to do against it”.

We all need to tighten it up! Im tired of mirror matches where cammy’s still arent doing her basic bread and butter combo’s and rely only on special moves spammage to try and get victories.

There are alot of contributors to the cammy forums that post knowledgable videos as well as text displaying how to get better and showing tricks in action, but it means nothing if we as individuals dont take the time to understand/practice on what we need to get better.

I really am not trying to talk down to anyone, or come off like im the best of the best because that is FAR FAR from the case in both instances. I love cammy, I love cammy players, but i honestly have felt for a long time that the mass majority is more concerned about learning how to TKCS and be flashy rather than learn how to actually play cammy successfully.

Im not saying that sagat is an easy win by any means, Or that breaking a turtle style opponent is an easy task, but I just hope that at least the players that post here (me included) will try just a lil bit harder to step our games up!

Sry for the rant, I just got a lil ticked off at that post, after I initially laughed… lol


I agree with your post, lots of guys looking to be flashy than have an actual reason for certain things they do.

As far as special move spammage in mirrors, I think it’s because there’s such big damage potential for either side. Cammy mirrors look exciting but are extremely hectic and that’s why I think you see a lot of move spamming. She’s got a lot of mobility and power.

Although I would say she’s has one of the better mirrors, it still sucks. I hate all mirror matches though (see Honda mirrors for the worst example possible).

Sadly enough, when I’m fighting a Cammy mirror, my opening strategy is to turtle up and punish SA/CSpike whenever the other guy throws it out. It works so well that it’s really no wonder everyone else does this against her. :confused:

Dray, you’re right. I think we do need to work on upping everyone’s levels here in the Cammy forums. With some of our top players leaving, I think it’s time for us to stand up.

Draykaden, you might be the best Cammy that still gives critiques and strategies freely here. I haven’t played you, but I’ve seen some of your vids. You’re on xbox right? I’m going to have to friend request you one of these days.

What do you call flashy? TKCS Spam? Or are you talking about the cspike fadc ultra? or…? I don’t really consider much to be flashy with Cammy…

Guys I’m really thinking about getting a PS3 soon. If I do, I’d be happy to play anyone here.

Yeah, I think all the flash is just Cammy being Cammy. She’s designed to be flying all over the stage or rushing people down into the ground. :smiley:

SeikuRyu, if you get a PS3, be sure to add me! We’d probably have a pretty good connection.

meh that what always happens, at least vs g2 players

they just run to opposite side of screen and sit, waiting u do to smthing

camping nubs =/

on mirrors i usually am the aggressor. still go for cross ups and still eat cs wakeup.
still go for hooligan mixup. still face punish cs an sa. punish ultra

its inevitable.

also, i win 98 percent of mirrors.

i main cammy, and feel bad cuz i dont pick others some times.

but fuck that, cammy is my shit. and that ass whoo!

Well what I mean by flashy is yes the TKCS’s and a bit too much reliance on shenanegins. I understand its a big part of her game but I feel to fully understand her tricks, there is a certain iq of the character and game fundamentals i feel we all should better understand to better use all her tricks.

When i refered to the use of special moves spammage, Its not just what ive noticed in mirror matches, but I watch alot of cammy vids ppl post. I dont respond alot for different reasons i dont wanna go into because it may derail this thread but, Beyond the vids i see, Its very very evident to me the overuse of moves exist due to other characters strategy against her. Its all block wait for us to throw a random special and then punish.

Thats really all im tryin to say, I didnt wanna make this a real rant i just got carried away, and ill prolly be deleting this thread in a couple days.


I didn’t consider this a rant at all. Just wanted to know what you meant by flashy. Was I being too flashy? hmm… haha.

I agree with what you say though. There are a lot of Cammy players out there that spam special moves. Even the g1 Cammy players I see. Most of them just spam the cannon spike and use unsafe Spiral Arrows.

I don’t mind like if someone is flashy as hell with cammy, I just die a bit inside if I see enough matches where i can conclude, that this cammy only knows how to do tricks and spam special moves, once past that their whole game falls apart. I believe this might be where some of our problems come into play, the more ppl fall for the tricks, the more they will sit there, out of caution, and wait for you to do any forward motion, and thats when you get either out poked, or counter’d with DP’s or ex moves. I know cammy is a rush down character, but sometimes we all get so caught into the flow and rythm of our own pace we don’t recognize when the opponent switches up and becomes a whole lot more cautious, and then we lose.

And whenever a cammy loses, the world get just a little more darker :frowning:

I am somewhat in a agreement with Draykaden on his point. I’ve seen many Cammy players both on XBL and on PSN with excellent execution with their special moves such as TK strikes and combos but once you get pass their “flashy” moves, they often times do not know how to deal with strategic pokes, baits, or just defense (knowing when to tech their throw attempts). I have many Cammy players msg me after I beat them saying that I suck or luck because I didn’t do enough “flashy” moves so I didn’t deserve my wins, often I msg them back saying a “W” is still a “W” regardless.

Whenever I eat a full screen fireball, a cute kitten dies somewhere in the world…

lol. You guys are silly.

CS frame traps rape the balls off down/back abusers.

QS frame trap is a 50-50 thingy

if opp QS you need to do the hooligan immediately after knockdown, if to late then its a free hit for opp


if opp dont QS and you do the hooligan immediately then it will whiff and you end up right next to each other in a paper-scissor-stone situation


if opp dont QS you can delay the hooligan (using the cr.HK timing) to catch them when they stand


if you delay then you lost the chance to do it if the opp do QS

wow, thats abit confusing :stuck_out_tongue:
what Im saying is, you need to predict whether the opp will QS or not and take a gamble whether to do the hooligan immediately or delay , high risk-medium reward … its so Cammy :slight_smile:

Frame traps aren’t high risk at all.

You are talking about a knockdown situation BTW.

I mentioned nothing of quick stand or knocking your opponents down.

CS = Cannon Strike

You…do main Cammy right?

Hehe im srry,
i was just so pissed after i controlled match and 1 lucky tu fadc hk ultra made me lose the match.
Fighting ryu/sagat all day makes me pissed and then someone posts that cammy is a nightmare for sagat?? Ragelevel over 9000!
Everyone has his bad days/moments:sweat:

I tought the information from that tech trap was long know so i explained it a bit.

ah sorry, I thougt you misstyped QS for CS since we’re discussing QS - hooligan tech trap initially which is a 50-50 situation as I mentioned :stuck_out_tongue:

i was just joking around.

u never know,maybe u would come to kick me for leaking info :rofl:

emblemlord i would like for you to expand a bit further on how you see Cannon strike frame traps raping down back abuser’s if you don’t mind.

Basically you are in a position to completely control the fight. Any blockstring you do after this is completely tight and you can force your opponent to guess twice.

After the initial CS they have to guess between poke string, grab or bait and then if you start to poke they need to guess if you will stop or keep going.

Of course if they didn’t block you can go into your hit confirm combo.

Plus CS gives you chip damage so yeah…pretty sexy stuff.