Kinda Need some help


Sf4 is my first sf game as well as the first fighting game that i seriously want to be competetive in, I started with an xbox controller and got all the way to G2 - B (not any more data corrupted or some bullcrap), but I got frustrated when my inputs would comeout wrong so I bought an TE R2 arcade stick (for competitive and execution reasons as well), problem is I don’t really have a clue on how to play this sucker, Im tending to have problems on finding a way to hold it and I seem to have problems with consistently inputing circle motions as well as backwards shoryuken (like i said im having troublefinding a way to hold it), so if you all have any suggestions onto what i should to play my arcade stick well/correctly please tell me.

P. S.: My joystick every once in a while cuts off from movement and will just freeze in one direction no matter what i input, to fix it i have to unplug it then replug, that is really annoying ingame and isnt very competitive oriented, so if you have any idea on how to fix this please tell me.


Well, the first problem is usually rectified by just practice practice and more practice. As for how to hold it, have a look at this guide from

Now the second problem could be because of a defective stick. Try another USB slot?


make sure the ls, dp, rs switch is set to dp


make sure you have all the turbos turned off, maybe you cant do shit because the turbos are up there.
And also, just practice… man you must be glad you can practice on SF4, IF YOU WERE ON SSF2T, you would throw your stick, and retire from Street Fighter 4ever trying to do a SRK.


I’ve said this in one or two other threads, but what I did when I switched from pad to stick is have SF4, HDR, T6 or whatever in training mode and practice my execution while I was doing other stuff. For example I would be watching a movie or talking on msn but at the same time have my stick on my lap and be practicing my execution and combos. I think it helps because it will become sub conscious because you’re not focusing 100% on the game, kinda in the back of your mind.

For how to hold the stick… I put my index and middle finger on the back side of the ball with my thumb on the side closest to me, and I have my 4th and middle finger on the frontside of the shaft (no homo). It’s kinda like grip #2 on that eventhubs guide, but my 2 fingers are usually more on the top of the ball and my thumb is on the side. Kinda hard to explain.

Really you should just find whatever is most comfortable for you and go from there.


Doing better on execution (still have poor execution on a srk looking left…) and i think i know how ill hold it and i think i fixed my stick problem by switching to dp, thx for the help.