Kinda new to the game but not a complete n00b

opk so i am not too new to the game but nowhere near as advanced as most players on here by the sounds of things. I have a video of me playing here so you can grasp my rough level.


some of the videos are pretty early (especially the ones in yellow where i jump/ sweep lots) I have been getting my head round the concept of parrying and trying to put it more into my play but i seem to struggle to punish after a parry. also please bear in mind we are still playing on dreamcast with regular pads which is a ball ache.

also i dont seem to be able to understand most of the jargon on here regarding stratergy can someone point me in the direction of a beginners guide to understanding etc.

finally i would like to know what things like crossups and EX moves are - the version of the game i have is jap so i cant understand most of it and i feel like im missing stuff,

any advice is really apreciated!


Dang, I should have posted my other advice here, I posted it on another thread of yours.

Ill try to post up some things that will help you understand the jargon. I couldnt really find any beginners guide anywhere sadly, but does have some descent info on this game, but it is a little out-dated.

Get used to people using different abbreviations for moves, your just gonna have to learn them all.

Sorry that my post looks jumbled, it wont allow me to space it how I want it.

If there is a “c” before the rest of the words than it means "crouching"
If there is an “s” before the rest of the words than it means "standing"
If there is a “j” before the rest of the words than it means “jumping”
“n” - not used often but it means nuetral. When your not pressing any directional button at all.

jp: jab punch OR lp: low punch OR light punch
sp: strong punch OR mp: medium punch OR mid punch
fp: fierce punch OR hp: high punch OR hard punch
sk: short kick OR lk: low kick OR light kick
fk: forward kick OR mk: medium kick OR mid kick
rh: roundhouse kick OR hk: high kick OR hard kick
p: any punch attack
k: any kick attack
Universal overhead attack: sp+fk
PP: any two punches
KK: any two kicks.

This is how to EX an attack:
You have to press either two punches or two kicks together while doing a regular special move. For example: Instead of pressing one punch button for a hadoken, you press two. Than an EX hadoken will come out. It uses a bit of your super meter though, but it causes more damage and has different properties.
Hope that explains it well enough.


Oh yea, I must also add this. If you ever see T + mp. The “T” means towards. People do not usually put “F” because than it be confused with forward kick.

Sometimes people will put “cr” for crouching instead of “c”.

I’m by no means advanced at this game either, but I can offer some advice.

Watch alot of videos, get an idea of how you want to play the character, find a style of movement that works for you(these vary greatly, compare Daigo Umehara to Alex Valle to Chunkis etc). If your city has a scene, that’s the best way to practice, practice, practice, these boards are great for finding out if there’s one existant around you.

I would say a joystick is crucial in any case, the only time I could imagine not using one is for Yun, who I think is garbage! :rofl:

Learn the terminology, another important task or you’ll just be wandering around the boards going “wth are they talking about?”.

READ EVERY THREAD, EVERY POST ON THE KEN BOARD.(probably not even neccessary, but I’m a beginner and it’s what I’ve done, you learn a LOT)

And lastly, Shoryu-reppa(SA1) is garbage, don’t use it!

Edit: I wouldn’t say PRACTICE execution, but you wanna make sure your execution is as best as it can be. If you’re going to lose a match, it better be because your opponent is better, not because you can’t execute. :slight_smile:

thanks guys, yeah i came to the conclusion that SA1 is kinda lame when i kept fucking up against my bro with it - i am doing better now i have switched to SA3.

im gonna trey some stuff i have learned today and make some new vids hopefully over the next week and see how we go!

thanks again


hey im a noob myself check out my vids

Not bad, you just need to play more challenging opponents. That Akuma player was looping a lot of stuff (Dive Kick, c.Short). You parried that and super’d him for it EVERY TIME, yet he still threw that out. An opponent that repeatedly throws out stuff like without either mixing it up, or better yet, not doin it at all. Isn’t really gonna help but only so much in the long run.

That looked pretty good to me, but then again I’m not very good. Everyone’s already complemented you on your punishing, but I’ll reiterate that. You’re damn good at getting low forward, strong srk xx SAIII. You’d probably be better off playing against new opponents. Seeing the amount of parries in that game makes me think that you two know each other too well, or you guys are really lucky. Or you’re just that good.