Kindevu is taking your challenge on cvs2 and #R (RF,too)

The golden fatty, evo2k4 cvs2 champion and 2nd in #R, Kindevu is accepting your money match challenge on cvs2 and/or #R.
RF is also taking money match on #R and KOFxx that is available there.

Bet is $10/20/and up(negotiable); 2 outta 3

please note which game and whom you want here.

$10.00 For R.F san. #reload. Name is JP and I play Sol ^ ^ b. DOMO!!!


I will play Kindevu in GGXX#R for 10$ 2 out of 3 :tup:

10 dollars to play R.F. in Reload. However there is a possibility I might not be able to make it.

If I do make it, could we play it best 2 of 3 games/best 3 out of 5 rounds?

ok. everyone, so far, is accepted. after we arrive there, you can talk to me, kindebu, or RF anytime to get ready.

Hi Kuni, last year we played RF at EVO 2004 in the BYOC room on KOF 2002 and 2003.
WE are really hoping to play with him again … and surely we would like to play against him on money matches in KOF 2002.
I still dont know the exact amount but I know for sure there are 3 good players here that will bet some money when playing against RF , me included … has to be something not below $20.

I would like to play kindevu for $10.00 in cvs2 and possibly for a coin flip. has an updated list of money matches and kindevu and rf can challenge people there

Calling Kindevu, out CVS2 10$…RC Dan all the way buddy

Airic you are going to be broke by the end of evo.

K Force’s member Eric The Beast wants a money match against RF in KOF 2002 ( neo geo version ).

First to get to 5 wins gets $50.

Is that allright ?

Kindevu and RF accepts all the requested money matches above.
I’ll tell them all these challengers list.

change the title of this thread to “kindevu is taking your money in cvs2 and #R


when you say “RF too”

i know you mean the player RF,

but how about RF as in RumbleFish. I hear the japanese suck in that game.

/me runs and hides :stuck_out_tongue: