[Kineda] Street Fighter IV T-Shirts

Kineda’s Street Fighter IV T-Shirts are now on pre-sale. Save $2 by ordering before July 20, 2009 at our online store.

Street Fighter IV Lingo

I Came. I Saw. I Hadoukened.

Focus Attack Dash Cancel Everything

I hope the SRK community enjoys the SF tees. Be sure to also check out our SFIV Online Tourney for a chance to win a free t-shirt and some cash prizes:

Edit: Update with a few pics:

cool, but man i cant even imagine myself dishing out that much money for a t-shirt.

hm yes i love advertising to the world what a huge fucking nerd i am

Not too bad of a price imo, I’m actually working on a brand my self, see you in the future.

The nerds are the ones tryin to hide there hobbies away in the corner. If you like something rep it! I’m getting the Lingo shirt.

too expensive

That FADC shirt is pretty funny

what kind of shirts are these printed on? $27 is hella steep.

You need to change Ryu’s motto to “Trade hits, shi- oh wait ULTRAAA”

you guys ever see how much a triumvir shirt is?

Like the FADC Everything Shirt

these shirts are horrible

made this to balance things up :slight_smile:

That is cool one antihero.

LOL. Nice Ken shirt. :slight_smile:

They’re printed on Alstyle shirts. Same tees used by Triumvir and many other streetwear brands.

Get one that says Focus Attack Dash Cancel Ultra some PUSSY! Then on the back put “That’s what she said” and ill buy one.

$34, which is the reason I didn’t buy one.

I would totally buy the lingo and FADC t-shirts if I lived in the US. =(

Shirts are $25 pre-sale and we do accept international orders. :wgrin:

Thanks to everyone who’s ordered so far!!! :smiley: The Ryu shirt seems to be the least popular of the bunch. :frowning:

We’ve got to pay royalties to Capcom, since we have the official license.

Definitely catering to a hardcore base. Keep it up, there’s definitely a void for these types of designs. :tup:

What’s up Terry(?)

Getting the lingo one. FTW.