[Kineda] World Warrior Series T-Shirts


Feb 19, 2010
World Warrior II - SOLD OUT
Pre-order begins Feb 22, 2010

December 18, 2009
World Warrior - SOLD OUT
Reprint drops on Monday 12/21 at 9PM PST. Quantity: 100 tees up for grabs! :slight_smile:

November 25, 2009
World Warrior - SOLD OUT.
A few Talk Street Fighter to Me tees still available for girls.

November 24, 2009
World Warrior Collection drops tonight at 10pm PST:

***** Previous Designs No Longer in Print *****
Kineda’s Street Fighter IV T-Shirts are now on pre-sale until October 1, 2009 at our online store. This will be the last reprint, for those who missed out the first time these dropped.

Get them before they’re gone! :rock:

Street Fighter IV Lingo - SOLD OUT

I Came. I Saw. I Hadoukened. - SOLD OUT


Focus Attack Dash Cancel Everything - SOLD OUT


Actual pics of the shirts



***** June 8, 2010 *** **
Kineda World Warrior Series t-shirts are now available for pre-order at http://store.kineda.com.
Please be advised pre-orders are limited in quantity, and sizes/colors may go fast. Because printing takes 3-4 weeks, orders will not ship until July 12, 2010. However, if you are attending EVO 2010 Las Vegas, you may arrangements to pick up your shirt during the tournament at Caesar’s Palace.

If you have any questions, or comments please let us know on our new Kineda Store Facebook Page. Our Facebook page will also include updates on future releases, and discount codes that can be used at our online store.

***** June 14, 2010 *** Pre-orders are now closed. ** - Thanks to everyone that ordered a World Warrior tee or seven! This was indeed our biggest order to date. :smiley:


  1. What kind of shirts do you print on?
    All designs are printed on American Apparel 2001 shirts for men, and American Apparel 2102 for shirts women.

  2. Why is international shipping so expensive?
    Kineda used to ship by Priority Mail International which was much cheaper (almost half), but packages always went missing and customers complained they never received their shirts. Since there’s no way to track packages using Priority Mail International, we had to change the shipping to Express Mail International unfortunately.

  3. Are the designs ironed on?
    No, all designs are professional screen printed, and then baked using a proprietary super matte ink that’s smooth to touch.

Old Warrior Warrior Thread


I like the Dan and Balrog ones alot but why is Rog white?

Can you just put a little bit of “color” in the dye?


Ordered the Lingo and World Warrior shirts for myself and the “Talk Street Fighter to me” shirt for my girlfriend. The “FADC Ultra Everything” shirt wasn’t available last night when I ordered or I would have purchased that one too. Excited to get these in July!


Damn nice, gotta think about ordering twice since the shipping was 35 bucks to Finland. Why can’t we have nice things in Europe T__T


Dam I want that Bison Tshirt. They are a bit expensive though.


I’m really excited to see whatever characters you chibi-fy. Looking forwards to picking up a Sakura / Juri, along with that FADC shirt!


I like the Ibuki one.

Why is Balrog white?


Could I request for a Chibi-Cammy or is it too late?

I am sure many others would love to have a chibi-cammy shirt…(A chibi-Cammy with Bisonette outfit would rock!!!)


The designs are all based off the original Kineda character in different costumes, which is why you won’t find the designs in a darker color. We did provide an alternate costume and darker face color for Boxer in past releases but only a total of 6 people purchased it. Because there is a minimum printing quantity of 50 shirts per design, we are unable to continue offering darker versions. If there is an overwhelming interest in the future, we may try again. :slight_smile:


Suddenly, the Ibuki one is just disturbing.


LOL! Let me expand on my previous reply… The “guy” designs are based of the original Kineda character.

However, the “girl” designs are based of the original Kineda girl character!!! :slight_smile:


I really like the Dan one. Assuming the sample pic is the asphalt, I’ll try to get me one.


Beautiful shirts, they look really high quality, and American Apparel is always a good route to go.
Shame about the expensive international shipping but I understand why you only use express, I bought something from the US last month using priority (6-10 days iirc) and it took 3 weeks to reach me with no tracking information. I guess thats not the kind of thing you want to be dealing with as a seller.
Maybe if i can get some cash together before they sell out I’ll invest!


Kineda, do you have any real-life photos of the Ibuki shirt? I’m wondering how the design would look on a black shirt, considering that her hair is black as well.

Also, what does "alternative costume 2" for the Bison shirt mean? Is his suit still red?


Yes, the sample pic is asphalt/gray. :slight_smile:


No real life photos, as this particular design has not been received yet. I will definitely take photos for future releases.

Bison only comes in a red costume. :slight_smile: Hope that helps.


I will be going to EvO so you will be selling them there right? Also are you working on any other designs?

Id love to see a Rufus shirt Id buy it like instead of a fightstick he has a bucket of popcorn.


Why is Balrog (Boxer) white?

Edit: Just saw the reason, its still bad.


they wanted to appeal to the white crowd because you cant steal a tshirt on the internet


Kinda off topic, but is that HMH on the Kawaii Series shirt?