King Arthur's Round Table (Optimal Combos, Matchups, and Videos)

Description of Arthur:

Sir Arthur is the main character of the Ghosts 'n Goblins series.

With his sword, shield, lance, armor and erm… boxer briefs he fights off many a monster in his quest to save Princess Prin-Prinfrom the demon king Astaroth.

In the versus series games Arthur has been playable in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of the Two Worlds, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and now Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Combos
III. Videos
IV. Matchups

Changes from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:

Arthur now has a ground dash!
Many abilities have been altered, added, or removed.
Golden Armor is now safe and is not immediately punishable when it breaks.
Arthur has a double overhead that you can combo out of now


II. Combos

Easy BNB (optimized for beginners) -

3208 damage, 0 meter, Builds 60% of 1 meter.

Easy 4000+ damage with tag switches and/or super(s).

Leads to good okizeme opportunities.

Cr. LP, Cr. LK, Cr. HK, Cr. HP (Launcher), SJC, J. LK, J. LK, J. HP, J. HK (Ground Bounce + Land) [Can Tag here too, If in corner = Wall bounce] Cr. HP (Relaunch), J. LK, J. LK, J. HP, J. HK

Glaive Loop Combo (Learn after you have the “Easy BNB” down)

See Video - Arthur midscreen BnB 6.3k

The “glaive loop” portion is bolded and bracketed.

J. HK, Cr. LP, Cr. LK, Cr. HK, Cr. HP [J. HP xx QCB + HK] x 3, J. HP, J. HK (Ground bounce), QCB + LP xx QCF + P ~ P

III. Videos

Arthur Gold Armor Corner Combo, 1 Bar (not counting armor up bar) (6451)

Arthur midscreen BnB 6.3k

Arthur Gold Armor Solo BnB Combo (6547, 1 Meter, No Stone)

Arthur air conversion 6.4k

This post is reserved for information on matchups.

If you do it too early, the first hit is not an overhead. Capcom made it so that if the jump HK is done too low, it’s a high.

On a related note, Arthur has an instant overhead if you have the right partner to set up instant jump LP, HK to combo. By itself it doesn’t combo (unless you’re in time storm) but with the right tag set up, it will: e.g, spiderman jump LP web ball, tag Arthur, j.lp, (web ball hits),

Noticed there wasn’t one so I’ve linked my BnB video for Arthur, notations are in the description:

the free lvl3 during storm seems to be his best tool :stuck_out_tongue: - 50% off any element or stray hit. also using any beam super or multihit set-up you can high-low the crap out of people. axe loop seems to be the best dmg solo bnb for now and works anywhere on screen, you can even do it easily off air-to-air jabs or fierces.

I like a lot of his tools, but the level 3 is pretty beastly. The instant jump hk xx air qcb lp is a great zoning tool to go along with double jump bottle zoning.

His rushdown is pretty nice with the instant jump hardkick double jump hk overhead or low.

Arthur can quite easily combo into his infinity storm, I made a video outlining some relatively simple solo combos for each stone. The main cancels to Infinity Storm I use are: [ xx Storm, s.hp …]
[ xx Fire Bottle Toss xx Storm, c.hp…]
[s.hp or xx Scythe Toss xx Storm, s.lp…]
The last option with the scythe toss requires a bit of timing, but is especially useful if you use the time stone since they remain standing.

Great stuff man thanks. Crazy how little damage so much firepower is doing in this game.

I modified the mission combo and have been using it lately:, S.hp,, C.hp, A.lp x2, A.hp, A. Crossbow, jump, A.lp, A.hp,, Hellbound Slash, super
-Instant, jump,, Fire Bottle (Power surge if you’re using that stone), (not after Power surge), rest of above combo
-Corner: above combos but tag into Captain America instead of A. Scythe, Charging Star H, Hyper Stars and Stripes

Also, some Mind Stone tech
-Kara Canceling S.hp into surge from around neutral position works well.
-Follow up a Lance Charge on hit with surge after opponent recovers.

Power Stone: Surge after Lance Charge on hit allows you to convert it into your bnb.
-Surge can be used after instant x2 midscreen for easier combos.
-Kara Canceling S.hp into surge from around neutral position is a good mixup.

Time Stone: From 2/3 screen distance of half screen, Cross Sword canceled into surge and then after recovering creates a hard-to-blockable.
-Armored Axe on hit from half screen or further can be converted into a combo if followed by surge.
-Storm: All armored projectiles can be canceled into each other for chaos.
-Storm combo: Instant x2 or starter, x2, S.hp + alternated until hit count is 25, Heavenly Slash x2

Scythe/Axe Toss into tag allow for a lot of nonsense. With the right team it can be pretty great allowing for 1 reset kills from almost completely grounded combos, which means easier punishment of Emergency Switch. Added multiple jabs to show that HSD is not too much of a problem at all.

Moved to its own thread. Master Belmont's Arthur matchup notes

HSD with Gamora

Short hop for is pretty much useful for his gameplan

could more useful in his holy armor

Short hop will affect his jump so the double jump is also a short hop

My (personal) Arthur MU numbers after fighting everyone multiple times and making notes.

Favorable (6-4): Black Panther, Frank (Lv.1-3), Haggar, Spencer
Unfavorable (4-6): Dante, Dormammu, Jedah, Strider, Thanos, Thor, Zero
Bad (3-7): Dr. Strange
Even (5-5): Everyone else

Feel free to discuss.

I think your numbers are generally solid. What stone(s) are you using with Arthur?