King CCs



I got all her corner ones down but the question is…


i will love you forever. i’ve tried all sorts of shit and the best I can do is CC them from about 1/4 of the screen away from the corner.


No, King does not have any midscreen CCs. If she did, she might be an almost playable character.


Gunter has one listed on but that shit is hard as hell to pull off… maybe it’s just me, do you have any time to check out the site and see if you can pull it off?


I don’t think the one Gunter has listed on his site is doable in a real match. It’s, c.rh, then juggle afterward with jump fierces. I tried to practice the combo, but the timing is so stringent that I doubt I could pull it off ever on demand.

I experimented with tornado kicks to the corner, but you have to vary that depending on height and weight. It’s possible that tornado kick, c.fierce into a juggle might get some decent damage, but I doubt that would work or else someone would have discovered it by now. Either way, you’re certainly not getting anywhere near the damage you get off a tornado kick in the corner.


Uhh… those are jumping STRONGS. It’s not THAT hard.

However, you can launch them higher if you juggle with a fireball first. Here’s something I just made up -

activate, d/b+rh XX qct+rh XX roll, [sj.strong x2], [sj.rhx2, sj.fierce], sj.fierces in corner, c.fierce, qct-hcb+k

Works from about 3/4 screen for about 6K. For the sj.strongs, you do one on your way up, then one on the way down. Her sj takes her hella far, so after that, you switch to the more damaging roundhouses and fierces.



Well I’m an idiot too, for some reason I could read the rest of the site, but I thought those where jumping fierces too. I’ll go try that out again. Thanks Gunter.


Wow, those super jumping strongs really have a wierd hitbox, the first one never looks like it’s going to connect but it sure enough does, I got it.

Thanks again Gunter.


After toying with her for a while, I found that you can reach about 7000 from just past midscreen like this -

activate (optional c.forward for a faster hit), d/b rh XX qct+rh XX roll, [sj.rh x3, sj.fierce], rdp+forward, c.fierce, qct-hcb+K

For anti-air you need to do c.fierceXXhcb+rh at the beginning. Depending on your distance from the corner you can do c.fierce-whiff c.short to jumping hits or do (optional c.fierce) XX hcb+rh to get you closer to the corner. The main things you want to aim for are a lot of j.fierces and maybe a Trapshot at the end (if time allows… since you can’t cut it off, j.fierces are a safer option, but slightly less damaging).


A King is the shit.

l33t strat: RC every fucking move she’s got when you’ve got them cornered and pray something connects and activate. Hell yes bitch


Here’s a pretty easy one from mid screen:

Activate, d+rh, d+fierce, RH Double Strike XX RH Tornado Kick XX RH Double Strike XX RH Tornado Kick.

You should be to the corner by this point if you do the combo from around 3/4 screen distance, and you can freestyle from there. It doesn’t take off as much as Gunter’s though (around 4K last I checked), but it’s pretty easy…


God damn Gunter you are the man. You made me like CvS2 again, I was about to quit.


midscreen combo into activation:

c.forward XX hcb+rh, sj activate, [sj.strong, sj.short], [sj.roundhousex3, sj.fierce]

You should be in the corner by that point. No need to elaborate. :cool:


Make love to me.

… and if you don’t swing that way, you can get away with a pat on the back or something.


I’ll pass.

And change your signature, cuz you’re not the only serious A-Groove King user… :cool:


Well alrighty then.


Found a decent 3/4 screen CC to go along with the sweep into fireball into roll one:

Activate - [ -> c.fp -> fk Double Strike -> Roll] -> [ -> sj.fp x3] -> mk Trap Shot -> lk Trap Shot -> [c.fp -> Illusion Dance]

Does a good chunk over 7000 damage.


damn mummy-b, you’re running a 1 man show in here with all your king knowledge:D

good shit


Does anyone have a custom combo involving the reverse dragon punch motion + k move? I just like that thing so much I’d like to add it to a custom. I’m a brand new king user so bare with me here guys


Either jump in fp, c. mk, to qcb+FP or jump in with mk, close standing mk, reverse dragon punch+fk.

After either of the two activate and do [standing fp, reverse dp+fk]x2 then do standing jab, standing fierce punch and then rush super (qcf, hcb+k). Does over 8000 damage.


god damn! thanks alot gunter. I used to play a-king when the game first came out. but i stopped playing all together and have started to play the game seriously again. the other day i pick king for fun, but now that you have posted some dope ass CC combos, i might play her a little more!:smiley: