King(CvS2) Avatar Request

I need a King Av in all black if possible or standard blue(go for black). Blue fire background. Taunt or standing position. My name in bottom right or bottom left.

I put the name of who made it on my signature. I do it all the time…

Oh shit…HERE’S A CHALLENGE!!! Put a picture of Strider Hiryu on another avatar with my name on it. Red background with full moon.

2 av slideshow…can anybody do it?? Sure its a big order and very challenging but it is very rewarding and I’ll tell my boys on SRK bout ya if they need an av.

here it is

here it is, i want a avatar of jill shooting a zombie then it say kensavenge and the back ground should be a cemetary you know make look instresting so if you could do tell me when.

I don’t do avs. I’m asking for one.

best request thread in a while. You guys should make each other avatars.

I Can’t Make Avs!!! I Am Asking For One!!!



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hey im not going to make one, like he said i was asking for one so if anyone can make the avatar i asked for let me know!

Thanks for kudos to the thread.
Apologies for earlier. My computer is fucked up so…sorry for any misunderstandings.

Oh, King is my best player and everyone says she’s low tier. With this av, I can prove some of them wrong and Strider, well I had an addiction with him since Strider 2 on PS. BEST SIDE SCROLLER BEAT EM UP IN THE FUCKING WORLD besides the SOR series and Shinobi 3 hence the screen name.