"King Guin Saga" Video Thread



Im shocked there isnt a video thread in here.  So here’s one. <br><br>First video<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKQiadSrNhA&feature=share&list=PL_f38Dg5o1cpKj9AQNZ5Y3niMqFlbyBBo<br>


Tonight Im going to go through the PS3 SFxT King list so I can post up the videos of some good replays Nippon style.  I know of at least 3 really, really good Japanese King players and I saw vids on them.  One of them is Zangitan. I know he plays King.  I’ll find them.  We need more videos so we can step our on S&## up.<br><br><br>





some more videos of me playing ranked.




Hey there, Syn. Thanks for posting my King Combo video on this forum. I saw some of your vids here and there okay. If you want any King advice i’ll help ya. Here’s a King video for ya.


Holy Snikes! Did you guys see this vid??? A XBL users named LT Dillon used the moonsault in the match even against Valle no less.


Lol Moonsault. Worst move in the game.


Flash Metroid using King vs Floe at Final Round


Iperu using Dudley x King (3:43 mark) and Dimenion using yoshi x King (19:22 mark)


I feel flash should have beat floe. He was doing a lot of the right things, but he kept dropping them or making a mistake.


A match video featuring King with Paul.