King needs a patch



his shoulder attack, QCB+P needs to be a shoryuken Motion, its to easy to crouch and do a lp and it will come out. It comes out at the most inconvenient of times, and gets you killed because its not safe.


it that case they will have to make his super art DP + 3p as well… cause QCB+P is his charge move


fair enough, its still annoying


Yeah, King has… issues with his inputs. Both RASC and his KK counter tend to come out when you want other moves due to how idiotic the command buffer and shortcuts work. I have no clue why the counters are f.:p::p: and f:k::k: instead of backwards…


Yeah, sometimes I’ll accidentally input hcf instead of just going straight to forward when using pad. I often mess up a lot due to how lenient buffering and negative edge seems to be in this game.


Just try to get used to holding down instead of downback when you’re doing hit-confirms.


Or better yet,learn to do proper inputs like people have for over 20 years…


You can use the DLC Strict Inputs gem wo you wont get any shortcuts like this.


You do realize that you can do a proper input, but due to how shortcuts work, if you pressed a button before than then you’ll still get the special?

Seriously, if you’re holding downback to block, then try to Rolling Elbow Rush, you’ll often as not get a Giant Swing. This is a fully proper command, and if there were no shortcuts then you’d get what you wanted.

I’m equipping the hell out of the Strict Input gem when it comes out; I’m just too frustrated with the input buffer + how eye gougingly ugly this game is now that NEON IS EVERYWHERE on top of the blindingly bad gem glows


Look I have no issue with any character that that a QCB+P or K motion with any other character, The strings come out properly, except with king, Dont tell my I need to learn better inputs when King is the only one that does it,


Yeah, king’s negative edge seems to be very lenient in this game.


I’m with you. I play Kazuya/King, and I never accidentally get Kazuya’s qcb+P but I get King’s qcb+P ALL THE TIME! I also play Hugo who has a qcb+P move, no problems.

It’s also horribly unsafe on block, adding insult to injury.

EDIT - apparently the new ‘advanced input’ gem fixes this problem. Too bad it has to eat up a gem slot, but yay, I can pick him again!


I’ve done some testing on the King qcb+P advanced gem and without.

The problem was occurring because the move had a db, db + P shortcut. It’s the SRK motion shortcut. Why they added it to a qcb move, I have no idea. You can get it to come out without ever lifting the stick from the down position.

The advanced gem gets rid of this problem. However, I SWEAR that is harder to cancel off of with advanced gems. If I xx qcb fp, I tend to get the chain instead. The cancel still works, but I think the cancel window was shrank. Might just be my imagination though.


yes something should be changed with king because iam having incorrect moves come out and i never have this problem with other characters. its so annoying. king is an awesome character and i want the moves i want to come out when i want them.


I’d rather have Capcom make Expert Input gem a menu option and focus on patching the actual properties of King’s moveset.