King of Chinatown director Q&A or FUQ


Over the years since KOC was produced and released there have been many untrue comments, faqs, and fuqs. To end this on our end, I Calvin Theobald, the director and producer will answer anything you wish to ask.

@KingOfChinatown: Yes our movie about @JWonggg features @EMP_TriForce_GM a lot. Thats’s because you don’t just want to watch Justin kick ass for an hour!

Anything else?


Awesome… Silence is what I both hoped for and expected…

It means no one cares about this


Well, when you post stuff in the dead vanilla SF4 section, you probably shouldn’t expect to many people to respond to you.

Moving to FGD I guess. This doesn’t appear to actually have much to do with SF4.


so what was your take on when this happened?


Is it true that you haven’t paid anyone their royalty fees from being involved with this project?


Why did you put all that horrible music in the movie?


That music belonged to 2 good friends of mine and music is expesive. We paid them a thousand each. Other bands wanted 15,000

That was true up until 6 months ago when we started actually making money on the film. As in all contracts you don’t get paid until the producers finally get their money back. Since then Justin says he is fine having the money all goto triforce. We even gave triforce an advance on money when he was stuck somewhere. I believe it was seattle. Technically now we are overpaying royalties, which arent much.

LOL Would have been a great documentary. I support the floor theory, but Tri has told me numerous times that it is untrue, and he has no reason to lie to me.

Sorry about that, I had put this up after watching the on blast show where we were accused of making the story up. I didn’t think the FGC even cared anymore and that this was still being talked about years after the release I was suprised. Thank you for moving it to the right place. These were all great and some funny questions.


Ok, well, I see why you paid for it at that price since it was friends. They still suck though.