King of Chinatown Documentary - Justin Wong - Empire Arcadia

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and youtube: [media=youtube]NCrE6HGRgM4[/media]

We were at EVO this weekend to get the closing of the documentary. It is a character driven story with drama, meant not only for you the SRK community, but for the mass public too. We’ve been working on this movie now for about 9 months. You may remember my first trailer which was put out last february.

Starting in September we are going to be releasing King of Chinatown in small theaters across the country. Please come out and show your support. The documentary will start it’s run in Montclair, NJ and build from there.

In the next few days I’ll drop an updated youtube video for people to comment and spread around.

Thank you for everyone’s help and support. I would get arthritis from typing the amount of names involved in getting this done. But to start thank you Justin, Sanford, Triforce, all of the empire. Thank you Mr. Wizard, Capcom, Seth, Daigo, Dogface, Gooteks, Arturo, Mike Ross, LI (ILOVEU) Joe, and all of the dudes from Keystone II.

The Justin Wong chanting at the end made me lol just cause it reminded me of the I Got Next trailer. This looks pretty interesting.

for some reason I’m unable to view this. it’s killing meeee x_x

Dude I see most of these dudes on a regular basis, should be a good documentary…

i’ve been to china town a bunch of times. i had no idea there was an arcade down there. all i see is cheap (though high quality) chinese food and cheap louis vitton.
everything is so cheap down there i’m thinking about learning chinese and moving there lol.

as far as the movie goes, the trailer doesn’t really pull me in. i’m still curious to see what’s in it though.

Another documentary? A nice supplement to “I Got Next”. Being a NYer and occasional visitor to ctf, I’m looking forward to this. Also, this is the first time I’ve seen Triforce without his glove. To me, he seems only a taaaad manipulative(by just a very small amount), but I think its just for marketing, saving face for the players and/or stuff that empire just does. Doesn’t seem too big. Quarantine, however, seems like the wrong word choice lol. Regardless, I’m looking forward to the finished product.

Why’s that guy coaching Wong on what he needs to say? WTF?

My editor has not seen I got Next. I know what you’re talking about though. Originally it was in the beginning and it started with the chanting. It just made more sense to be at the end.

I wouldn’t call it a supplement. This will be full blown and in theaters.

How will we be able to watch it if it doesnt come to a theater near us?

If i put it out on the internet or release it on a dvd, then i will not be able to take it to the main stream via film festivals. My best attempt at getting it to you early will be to release it in a select bunch of theaters around the country. Obviously California and the NY/NJ area are going to be 2 areas. If i can generate enough interest and find a theater in your area that will play it, I will personally play it there for at least 1 weekend.

I want to go to major film festivals with this. I believe that will get it the most exposure in the long run. The mass public doesn’t know who won EVO or Gamestop, so it will be dramatic for them. I’m sorry to the community, we already know the ending… or do we?

Damn, thats too bad, that trailer got me hyped and I’m big fan of justin. I know for a fact its not going to come to a small town in Iowa so I guess I’m going to miss out.

get hype and get it to a big town in iowa. I have a feeling once it hits the bigger film festivals, it will end up on dvd :wink:

I’ve been working on this for close to a year. I have the footage to make an interesting feature for not only the community but for the mass public.

lol there is no such thing as a “big town” in Iowa haha, well maybe Des Monies, but I suppose I live in the second largest town or close to it, and very close to Omaha Nebraska, either way I can’t wait to see it!

For anyone having a hard time trying to watch it, my editor is telling me that it’s because the original is HD and the high quality codec he is outputting it as isn’t something everyone has. We will be putting a youtube video up shortly.

Also the site will be getting reworked, we just wanted to get something up for EVO. More hype trailers will be coming as we get closer to releasing it in theaters.

I live in socal…so it’s bound to be in a theatre near me, right? :smile:

As long as i can fill a theatre for 1 night i’m certain I can get it to you.

As dirty, smelly, and hot that arcade is, it’s still around and kickin compared to all the other NYC Arcades… It also has some of the newest stuff :smiley: I’ve been going there sine 2001, great arcade :smiley: Although I’ve never met Justin, was more into DDR at that time…

Does this teach you how to make yourself like a complete asshole to the world?

I’m pretty sure we all know how to be assholes. Just take the way you’ve been acting about justin’s showing at evo. Sure he should have waited till after he WON (which obviously didn’t happen) to get up and act all hyped but he didn’t. There is nothing we can do so just let it go.

You can never let it go. Its pure entertainment. :lol: