King of Chinatown Reviews


did anyone see this???
I thought the trailer seemed pretty cool, but Im in Texas, so I’ll have to wait a while to see it.

Just wondering if any of the people who saw it can tell us how is it and stuff


King of Chinatown Review


Do you recognize this man? If you do, you probably know most of the plot of the new documentary, King of Chinatown. Despite the film’s title, it doesn’t focus so much on the titular king, Justin Wong, as it does on his relationship with his manager. This is not, however, a disappointment.

The film apparently started as an attempt to chronicle Justin Wong’s meteoric rise through the Street Fighter 4 ranks. Due to his losses to Daigo in 2009 and his mediocre EVO placement this year, the film was forced to take a different course. It follows his career as a professional gamer, as well as the man that supported Justin along the way. The interplay between Wong and his manager is pure entertainment. The filmmakers captured some candid moments that had the crowd gasping, laughing, and cheering throughout.

Street Fighter fanatics looking for insights into high-level play should look elsewhere. There is little focus on gameplay, save an exquisitely-edited past-meets-present scene featuring Justin and Daigo. Generally, the gameplay is shown only in brief flashes within scenes focused more on the players’ faces and reactions. This really adds to the enjoyability of the movie in a couple of ways. First, fans of the game have probably already seen most of the in-game footage, and this gives them a chance to see things from a different perspective. Second, this makes the film more enjoyable and understandable to a mainstream audience.

As a huge Street Fighter fan, I really enjoyed it. My gaming-illiterate wife, however, absolutely loved it. She found the plot and characters utterly intriguing and couldn’t wait to discuss it afterwards. Regardless of your interest in gaming, King of Chinatown is a quality film that you definitely should not miss.


how long has it been out? this is the first ive heard of it…and checking the official website they only got 1 screening. is it cause its been out for a long while?


its cause the movie was premiered yesterday


As mentioned in the front page… do they plan a release dvd/blu ray or any other showings?


They said that they’re aiming to do more showings (and have one coming up, though I don’t remember where… Ohio I think?) However, they’re still looking into getting DVD distribution. They’re probably not going to go online, because they’re hoping to make actual money off it.


Thank you all for coming out to see the premiere screening of the King of Chinatown and I hope most of you enjoyed the film. The next showing of the Film will be at the International Video Game Hall of Fame in Ottumwa Iowa. A final cut of the film most likely will be longer and slightly more detailed as stated in the post movie interview with the producer but he’s working on what works best, G4TV, DVD, i tune’s, etc. So we’ll see in the future.


Was there fore the premiere and it was great! As somebody who watched a few movies about competitive gaming, KOCT probably the most out what I have seen thus far. Like what was said above, this movie could be enjoyed anyone, even by people who don’t know the SF scene.

If you want the movie to be shown in your area, put a request in! It will be definitely worth it!


I would think somewhere in Los Angeles would be a given for a screening?


Triforce Interview after the film’s premiere



torrent plz


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some crowd reaction after the film… thank you henry cen, King of Chinatown 2.



We’re showing at Big Bang in Iowa this weekend. 3pm and 8pm Saturday

Sorry no torrents. The film is good enough to be distributed via Big Screen, TV, and a Legit DVD. Maybe itunes at some point. You will be able to view it.


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Live on 3 will be talking about King of Chinatown today! Catch the show at 4pm EST LIVE!


If you missed the Live on 3 episode:

Live On Three #55 ? Day9 & Pre-QuakeCon 2010|djWHEAT

It’s towards the end… after an hour has passed. THEY LIKED IT!

Side note, Getting a lot of requests to show the film in the Bay area and England believe it or not.