King of Chinatown


anyone seen it yet?**

tryin to load the film still loading after 15mins

anyone has infos about that loading thing is it possible to watch it cause i paid 4 bucks and nothing happends

But I dont understand why Triforce has a bad rep? Can someone elaborate?Because from what I see, he has done a good job with Santhrax, Arturo, Ricky Ortiz, Flash Metroid, and Marn.all top players aside from Justin.And if Justin wouldve got caught for fraudulent charges on others peoples credit cards, Id say hed NOT be on top right now if it wasnt fo Triforce. I’d rather take oute where someone could mold me into a powerhouse people can respect without my permission, than some theif who get used for my talents, tossed out and locked away. IMO

I think this might be why Triforce has a bad rep. The pictures are very NSFW Do not open the pictures unless you’re home with no one around.


Because god loves you :]
I also have a funny link involving mike ross and gootecks.

A few things,

sorry guys… was definitely SRK’d last night. To be honest, I don’t think they knew it was going to be this big. We knew, and tried to warn them, but not until today did they really take us seriously.

I talked to them on the phone when their offices opened in the morning and they stated that they had never seen traffic like that before, and that they have fixed it so they can accept 1,000’s of downloads at the same time. We broke their record for highest amount of sales for a single film in 1 day. (Thanks to you)

They were moving slow with our page updates, and communicating with us very little, but now they are forced to take our questions and concerns seriously since we are rocking their socks off. The version of the film we gave them was HD. We will make sure that this gets out there. The DVD will contain deleted scenes, alternate ending, and behind the scenes. We were pushing for a Blu ray release, but it looks like we won’t have to push much harder with our huge success, I’m sure we will get one by Christmas. We have alot more leverage after last night. (Thanks to you)

Also, we are sorry it took so long to get it out to you, we speant alot of money making it, and my co-producer and I still need to have full time jobs. We really needed a distribution company to make this work, so that we can make other films after this one, and recoup money speant.

Alot of people wonder why we went with the players that we did… Drama, rivalries, characters, and right time right place. I live in NJ, Justin and Triforce were right next door. I would make a Gootecks movie if I lived in Cali and he’d let me.

This was a HUGE step in our goal of helping to make players as famous as the games they play. This movie will continue to grow, and more people will understand how big the FGC really is. When this gets on G4 they will understand that people care about the players more than they care about reviews. We can’t wait to start our next project with the same goal in mind.

When you watch ESPN you don’t watch it to learn tips and tricks of players, you watch it to see the players


…just bought a download copy. :slight_smile:

I need to know if Tri-Force is going to get any form of royalties before I think about getting this.

Man I must’ve got in early… I got my copy from Indiepixfilms without any problems at all! Great film guys look forward to the next one!

you do realize someone was Streaming this right?

that’s a pretty douchebag move.

yeah but it got shut down just now great timing to whoever that was.But the movie was good so far but i still dont understand why triforce is hated so much

cause he’s a grown man that wears a powerglove around?

Because he mooches off the fame of other people, never has anything relevant to say about the scene, or the people in it, brings controversy to events, and the thing with his g/f or whatever is pretty fucked up.

And he wears a Power Glove…in Public. Like come on man, set the community back 15 years.

I honestly don’t really give a shit about Triforce, he doesn’t do much but let dudes crash at his pad and play fighters. It’s whatever.

ahahahah that shit is classic. whos the broad who posted that

Forgot her name. Happened so long ago. I think it happened before Justin left.

ok you got a point there lol