King of fighter 2002 abbreviaiton help

What does wd stand for in the movelist. For ex the list states maximas vapor cannon and next to it there is wd.

Something to do with Wire?

I know that at least in 2002, Maxima’s Vapor Cannon is a Counter Wire…

could you go into more detail cause im sort of a noob when it comes to kof.

Just use kao megura’s guide. I also don’t know what wd stands for, the only property I can think of is counterwire as well. His vapour cannon also negate projectiles if done early but I doubt this is the property being referred to. Vapour cannon can also be cancelled into but not out of.

Edit: Counterwire means that they bounce off the wall if the attack counterhit.

Edit2: I think it’s a typo, should be wb for wall bounce.