King of Fighters 13 Online Players List


SRK: CircuitBear
Gamertag: Epitagh
Console: Steam(PC)
Country/Region: US
Main Team:(Still new but my current is) Vice, King, Leona


SRK: tegafaru
Steam Name: tegafaru
Console: Steam(PC)
Country/Region: UK
Main Team: (Just started) King, Clark, Kensou


SRK: Julpero
Steam: jholtta
Console: PC and PS3 (probably not playing on it since the online’s bad)
Country/Region: central Finland
Main team: probably Duo Lon, Vice and Chin. I might switch Duo for either King or EX Iori.

If you’re somewhere in Scandinavia or close then feel free to add me on Steam. I’ve just started learning the game so I’ve mostly done only combo-practice until now.


Main Team: (still new) Duo Lon,Joe,Beni(may change in the future)


SRK Handle: NYC_Eon
Gamertag: ManifestEon
Console(s): 360
Country/Region: US/NYC
Main team: Kura, Ralf, Athena (Still learning the ropes)


SRK: Commonsense
Steam: Commonsens8
Console: xbox Professionaleon
Country/Region: US North Carolina
Main team: Ryo, Karate, Kim (Beni too)


If you are from western part of europe you can join the KOF13 France groupe, there is roughly 400ppl here with 50 or so regular players.


srk: marblehouse
Steam: marble house
Location: Canada, Alberta, Edmonton
Main Team: Terry/Iori/Daimon or Karate/EX Iori/Terry


srk: MadVash2005
Console: Xbox 360, PC
Steam: dlbman22
Xbox Live: SugeNeezy
Main Team: Kim, Raiden, Athena

Just bought the game off of Steam and still a bit rusty from not playing in a while.


SRK: streetcoco
Steam: serenadesx
Console: PC
Country/Region: US California
Main team: Clark, Iori, Kula

I am a complete beginner, always ready to be your sandbag! :smiley:


SRK: Matchat
Steam: pumpedaaron
Xbox 360 gamertag: Pumped Aaron

Consoles: Xbox 360, PC

Country/Region: US Washington State
Main Team: Hwa, Kensou, Clark

Generally a novice to competitive fighting games, let alone King of Fighters XIII, but at least I have about a year of experience under my belt so far.


Minor Update.

Main team and subs are in the sig.
Country: Germany


Steam: khaaaN
Console: PC
Country/Region: US California

-Kyo, Shen, Takuma

need people to play :frowning: it is so dead


Steam: fangore
Console: PC Steam
Country/Region: US/Midwest (Chicago)

-Duo Lon, Elisabeth, Shen


srk handle: B_RaBBiiTT
Gamertag: o 2 RawWw o
Country: New York
Main team: I don’t really know who to put second but i normally run king iori & kyo


Region: Europe/Finland


SRK Handle: Konomaru
Gamertag: Konomaru
Console(s): PS3/PC
Country/Region: UK
Main team: Andy, EX Kyo, Ex Iori


SRK Handle: Haradeas
Gamertag: Haradeas
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Europe: The Netherlands

Playing alot now a days but I started playing only after evo 2013 :stuck_out_tongue: so I am a bit late :frowning: and still rather nooby but I love kof ( played 94’ in the arcade halls in the good old days )


Steam: Shawn_Michaels
Console: PC Steam
Country/Region: Bulgaria/Europe
Main Team: Terry,Athena,Kensou


Steam: owarlock360o (shows as The Good Loser)
Console: PC Steam
Country/Region: Germany/Europe
Playing Kim / Kyo / and can’t decide for a third maybe Shen

I just got back into the game since the first time i saw KoF / Fatal Fury as a kid so I’m not that well versed. Would be glad to have a sparring partner :slight_smile: (Got Voice too, speak fluent English as well).