King of Fighters 13 Online Players List




SRK Handle: Jelly
Gamertag: JellyD
Console: PS3
Country/Region: Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Main Team: Iori/Leona/Ash


SRK Handle: rukawa_kaede
Gamertag: R-K_Takayanagi
Console: PS3
Country/Region: Chicago,IL. USA
Main Team: Clark and Vice so far


SRK Handle: boom!
Gamertag: pongzilla
Console(s): PSN
Country/Region: Socal
Main team: Shen, Kyo so far


SRK handle: Ben Reed
Gamertag: Leopard0n
Console: 360
Region: Orlando, FL, USA
Team: Kyo/Yuri/Mai


SRK handle: WinThenTalk
Gamertag: DeathToSoheil
Console: xbox360
Region: Toronto / Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Team: Terry, Duo Lon, Hwa Jai, Mature, and practicing more…


Just a small update, my main team for now is: Mature, Terry, Mai in that order.


SRK Handle: AlterGenesis
Gamertag: AlterGenesis
Console: X360
Country/Region: Canada/Ontario
Main Team: Kula-K’/Saiki/Robert


Gamertag: Sketchspace
Console: X360
Country/Region: New Orleans, LA
Main Team: Ralf/Athena/Elisabeth, also play Kula/Billy


Gamertag: subtleanarchist
Console: Xbox 360
Country/Region, Tampa, FL , USA
Main team: Undecided(Terry/Robert/XXXX for now)


SexBox 360

GT: azn grrl xoxo

B-Town, Washington.

Main Team: Play me and find out.


SRK Handle: 6ixx
Gamertag: X6ixxX
Console(s): 360
Country/Region: Southern California
Main team: Raiden, Joe, Ash


SRK Handle: danime
Gamertag: danimekun
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Sweden
Main team: Don’t know yet. Got the game today.


SRK Handle: LazieFreddy
Gamertag: LazieFreddy
Console(s): XBox
Country/Region: Southern CT
Main team: K’, King, Kyo


SRK Handle: Kilikan5670
Gamertag: Kilikan670
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region:US,SE Coast
Main Team:Kyo/Kensou,King,Kim(Racist against my damn self team)


SRK Handle: sonnywortzik
Gamertag: sonnywortzik
Console: PS3
Country/Region: Northern Nevada
Team: Billy, Elizabeth, Ralf, Clark, K’, & Iori


SRK Handle: J.D
Gamertag: TRUJD3S
Console: 360
Country/Region: South Texas
Team: Kula, Kim, Kyo


SRK Handle: Gimnbo
Gamertag: Gimnbo
Console(s): Xbox 360
Country/Region: New Jersey
Character Pool (No main team set in stone yet): Kyo/Iori/Kensou/Benimaru/Ralf/Hwa Jai/King/Terry/Duo Lon

I don’t plan to get Gold until the netcode gets patched.


SRK Handle: Tessius
Gamertag: SouthpawSRK
Console: XBOX360
Country/Region: Sweden
Team: Undecided, still messing about.


SRK Handle: Esdwong
Gamertag: Runnerup2
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Texas, Austin Area
Main team: K’, Yuri, Mai