King of Fighters 13 Online Players List


SRK Handle: Ashilyn
Gamertag: GInMizuKitsune
Console: Xbox360
Country/Reigion: Central Virginia, USA
Main Team: So far, Elisabeth/Leona/Vice


[FONT=Helvetica]SRK Handle: Abbachio
Gamertag: Mortum Kujo
Console: Xbox 360
Country/Region: UK
Main Team: anyone with boobs and yes that does include Raiden[/FONT]


SRK Handle: Omega Battlecat
Gamertag: justdie-01
Console: Ps3
Country/Region: US/Maryland
Main Team: Beni, Athena, Andy


SRK Handle: CHNchilla
Gamertag: CHNchilla89
Console: Xbox360
Country/Region: US/Georgia
Main Team:: Duo/Kyo/Shen and Kula/Vice/Iori and any mix of those teams


SRK Handle: 4r5
Gamertag: Fourer5
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: US/Maryland
Main team: shrug


SRK Handle: LiftedResearch
Gamertag: thebackhorn925
Console(s): xbox 360
Country/Region: US/San Francisco, CA
Main Team: Joe/Shen/K’…sometimes Leona/Kensou


SRK Handle: Me1ted1ce
Gamertag: Me1ted1ce
Console(s): ps3
Country/Region: US/Fairburn, GA
Main Team: Kyo/Yuri/Mature somtimes Robert,K’,or another character


Tag : HellSap
Console : PS3
Region : Portland, OR
Team : Mai/Terry/Ryo


Tag: Fmross
console PS3
Region US West Pdx
Team: Takuma, Ryo, Ralf, Vice, Hwa Jai, Duo Lon


SRK Handle: Wolfgang457
Gamertag: RaynerWolf
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Georgia, USA
Main team: Don’t really have one yet, still feeling the game out


SRK Handle: Kataki
Gamertag: Explosive Snow
Console(s): 360
Country/Region: UK
Main team: Vice, then probably King, the third one is still being decided


Gamertag: tROYISM_
Console(s): PS3 & 360
Country/Region: Chicagoland
Main team: Iori, Clark, King


SRK Handle: MhintTea
Gamertag: Ekeiyo
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Lancaster, California (So Cal)
Main team: Still trying out a few~


SRK Handle: Nagato/Kisame1992
Gamertag: This Be Nagato
Country/Region: United States, Alabama (Central Birmingham/Bessemer)
Main Team: Shen/Andy/Iori(12’)


SRK Handle: BurningVigor
Gamertag: SantaPoring
Country/Region: SoCal
Main Team: K`/Kyo/Kula for now


SRK Handle: keo-bas
Gamertag: keobas
Console(s): Xbox 360
Country/Region: Florida.
Main team: Leon, Maxima, athena


SRK Handle: BeaM
Gamertag: HK_Karakusa
Console: PS3
Country/Region: Van Nuys, CA. (SoCal)
Main Team: Mai/Leona/Ralf


SRK Handle: SynKyller
Gamertag: TFA SynKyller
Console(s): 360
Country/Region: Detroit, MI
Main team: Clark/Terry/robert/Kensou/Kim


SRK Handle: Big Texas Andrew
Gamertag: BigTexasAndrew
Console(s): 360
Country/Region: UK
Main team: Mature / Billy / Benimaru


SRK Handle: FakeVariable
XB360 Gamertag: FakeVariable
PSN Name: A-Groove
Country/Region: USA, Ann Arbor, MI
Main Team: K’/Andy/Shen for now