King of Fighters 13 Online Players List


SRK Handle: Kendrik
PSN: KendrikTheRed
Region: Menifee, CA (SoCal)
Mains: Still undecided. Liking Ralf, Yuri, King, and Kyo, though.

Loving this game, but not loving the netcode when tryna play people across the country.


SRK: Poko4Sho
PSN: Poko4Sho
Region: Detroit, Michigan
Team: K’ / Ash / Andy / Kula / Experimenting with all.


SRK: DopeUyuu
PSN: DopeUyuu
Region: Salinas, California
Team: K’/ Andy/ Billy Kane


SRK Handle: Jiraiya-Sama2390
Gamertag: Jiraiya-Sama2390
Console(s): ps3
Country/Region: US/New Orleans, LA
Main Team: Kim/Andy/Shen but I’m a noob


SRK Handle: ThatMonkeyMan
Gamertag: ThatM0nkeyMan
Console(s): Xbox 360
Country/Region: New York,USA
Main Team: Still searching cause im not very good yet, but right now it is ( Terry, Benimaru, Joe)


SRK Handle: Ska Robot
Gamertag: SkaRobot
Console: PS3
Country/Region: USA, Massachusetts
Main team: None yet


SRK Handle: Jaguar131
Gamertag: Jaguar131
Console: 360
Country/Region: USA, South Carolina
Main team: Kula/Yuri/Clark


SRK Handle: Phantom Angel
Gamertag: PhantomSRK
Console: 360
Country/Region: New York, U.S.A.
Main team: Leona / Kula / Kyo


SRK Handle: Undead Turkey
Gamertag: Undead Turkey
Console: 360
Country/Region: NJ, U.S.A.
Main team: Leona / Ryo / Mai


I’m going to start adding some of you guys. Since a good couple of you are East Coast, USA I want to try the connections.


SRK Handle: NoresGodOdin
Gamertag: NoresGodOdin
Console: 360
Country/Region: NJ, U.S.A.
Main Team: K’/Iori(without flames)/Ash


SRK Handle: Korigama
Gamertag: summerdrone
Console: PS3
Country/Region: MI, USA
Main team: Kula/Iori/Mature


SRK Handle - konkrete
Gamertag - konkrete
Console(s) - PS3
Country/Region - Chicago, IL
Main team - ralf vice yuri


How IS the netcode in this game? I’ve heard a lot of controversy. Will it be fixed, if anyone knows?


SRK Handle - SuddenJolt
Gamertag - MetalBloodOcean
Console - 360
Country/Region - Hicksville, NY
Main Team - K’/EX Kyo/King


SRK Handle-Fadedsun303
Gametag- Faded_Sun
Console- PS3
Country/Region- Boston,MA
Main Team- Joe/Takuma/Yuri


SRK Handle-Kendrick
Console(s) - PS3
Country/Region - Colorado, USA
Main team - Raiden/Ash/Yuri – Not 100% sure, and still working out the kinks.


SRK Handle: Great_Dark_Hero
Gamertag: Great_Dark_Hero
Console: PS3
Country/Region: Germany
Main Team: EX Kyo, Leona, Mai
( I also frequently play as Duo Lon, Ralf, Elizabeth, Terry, Billy, Athena, Ash, King, Iori (Claw), Maxima, Kula, and K’).


SRK Handle: Maximusdread (M.D.)
Gamertag: Dreaded_Lee
Console: PS3
Country/Region: Virginia, USA
Main Team: Ikari Warriors (Ralf/Clark/Leona)

I also play Kyo, Raiden, Daimen, Maxima and a little bit of Hwa Jai.


SRK Handle: Jinbolt
Gamertag: Hugo-KoF
Console: PS3
Country/Region: USA, California
Main Team: Takuma, Mature, Vice

(Glad I found this thread. Online is always dead)