King of Fighters 13 Online Players List


SRK Handle: Hagaishi
Gamertag: Hagaishi
Console: 360
Country/Region: USA, Philadelphia
Main Team: Thats something for you to find out! Add me!


SRK Handle: You can read it.
Gamertag: m1x4h
Binghamton, NY


handle: sung_moon (PSN)
bristol/philly pa
old iori/shen/goro

still learning mechanics/gameplay of kof so still a beginner but any practice from players from EC would be sick :slight_smile:


SRK: bustedwolf
Gamertag: BustedWolf
Console: X360
Country/Region: United States (Oklahoma)
Team: EX Kyo, Ex Iori, Kim Kaphwan


SRK Handle: Awesomersaur
Gamertag: Awesomesaur
Console: PS3
Country/Region: Calgary AB, Canada
Team: Many, K’ Shen Leona

Add me if you’re not across the Earth!


SRK Handle - MarshallLawx
Gamertag - PFS MarshallLaw
Console(s) - Xbox360
Country/Region - US - Orlando FL
Main team - Kim Duo Long (3rd Anyone on the roster)

Im a big KOF fan so please hit me up if any one is ever done thank u :slight_smile:


Just added several East Coast people. May have missed a few. Hope the connection is playable. If not, hope some of you guys are getting Anarchy Reigns. We could also play AE but I’m balls at that. Haven’t touched MK9 in months either.


Gamertag- sycoticfatb0i
consoles - sexbox 360.
Country/Region - Us - Socal area
Main team. Ex kyo, yuri and terry.

Looking for people also in the Cali area for the smoothest online gameplay i can get. Its even better if you live around Super Arcade so we can meet up and get some offline matches going. Im still learning KoF but i have some basic knowledge. Looking for someone who can teach me how and what i should do to improve my game. Hoping maybe i can start entering some SoCal KOF tournys when i become a stronger player. Ive been playing dota2 forever since i got it. i put like 300 hours on that shit and i feel like i have been neglecting fighting games for a while lolz…


SRK Handle: Schweedy
Gamertag: Schweedy
Console: PS3
Country/Region: US - Madison, WI
Main team: Andy, Elizabeth, Duo Lon (also working with Billy, Ash, Benimaru, Iori(without flames), and Maxima)

100% KOF Newb


SRK Handle: OZleon
Gamertag: OZleon
Console: PS3
Country/Region: Florida, USA
Main Team: Still trying out teams


SRK Handle: NINfan101
Gamertag: RM_NINfan101
Country/Region: Michigan, USA
Main Team: Kyo, Benimaru, Daimon

Still fairly new.


SRK Handle: theshinraven
Gamertag: The Shinraven
Console: 360
Country/Region: New York, U.S.A.
Main team: Mai/ Vice/ Terry

Having so much trouble against Kyo and EX Kyo players!


SRK Handle: blockhead
Gamertag: spam849
Console(s): ps3
Country/Region: Texas
Main team: K’, King, Kyo


SRK Handle: Combo-Noob
Gamertag: Cobalt-System
Console(s): ps3
Country/Region: WA, Australia
Main team: None

Notes: If anyone from Australia is there, especially in those in WA, please answer and add me…


Havent entered my name here yet so:

Tag(PSN): volX
Console: ps3
Region: Europe/Germany
Team: K’, Andy, Leona


SRK Handle: Voodoodaddy
Gamertag: AtomicBuster
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Manteca, CA
Main team: Kyo, Benimaru, Athena (But I play whoever)


SRK Handle: jmz
Gamertag: ohitsjmz
Console: 360
Country/Region: Los Angeles, CA
Main Team: Elisabeth / Hwa / Vice (tentative)


SRK Handle: J-Killer15
Gamertag: J-KiLLER15 (replace i with a lower case L…uninteresting short story about that)
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Bronx, NY
Main team: Kula, King, Duo Lon


SRK Handle: Wedge_Antilles
Gamertag: Dtoid_Wedge
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: Portland, OR
Main team: Mai/Kensou, Kim, Working on it


SRK Handle: Seminasuke
Gamertag: Seminasuke
Console(s): 360
Country/Region: Mississppi, U.S.A.
Main team: Kim / Takuma / ???