King of Fighters 13 Online Players List


Main team not sure Iloke RObert, King, terrry, clark,Mr Karate and others


SRK Handle: Xiceman191
Gamertag: Datdudeiceman191
Console: PS3
Region: Oklahoma,USA
Main Team: Kyo/Andy/?


Gamertag(s):Champloo0 + n0isey Cricket
Console: Xbox 360
Country/Region: New York, USA


hello…just got this game a couple of weeks ago

really hard to find some random online matches

Gamertag: Nephinel
Console: Xbox 360
Country/Region: U.S. - Atlantic North (Maryland)
Main team: Ralf/Terry/Vice

I’m usually on after midnight or late morning (Eastern Standard Time of course)

not totally familiar with this game yet so don’t expect much competition


PSN: SesshaZL

Im terribad, live in southeastern NC, just send me a friend request or a game invite, usually on after 7 pm ish est



RealKim KOF


I’m so free at this game but seek to improve so I want some sessions…
PSN: Viewtiful_Noel
Region: RGV, South Texas
Main team: EX Kyo, Shen, Elizabeth

Send me a request soon guys!


XBL: meenyKO
Region: Long Island, NY
Main Team: Kyo, K`, don’t have a third yet

new to the game but not new to fighting games in general. Would like to get games in preferably someone a bit better than me but not someone whose gonna rape me unless they don’t mind talkin to me later on what to improve =)


XBL: Nyoro EH

I’ll be sending out some FR in the future to some of you guys in the Northeast.


Add me!
PSN: Ottele5
Region: Vacaville, Ca
Team: EX Kyo, Billy, Mai

I’m terrible at this game. I need more practice!


SRK Handle: Grublet
XBL: oFudgeoNutzo
Region: St. Cloud, Minnesota
Team: Ex Iori, Kyo, Elisabeth


SRK Handle: XtraKurrikula
Gamertag: XtraKurrikula
Console(s): PS3
Country/Region: UK (good connection)
Main team: Andy / Hwa / Robert

Add me and lets get good


SRK Handle: Loneexodus
Gamertag: Count Demha
Console(s): xbox live
Country/Region: U.S.- New York City
Main team: Some sort of Kyo, some sort of Iori, and Hwa Jai


SRK Handle: SaikoXeon
Gamertag: SaikoXeon
Console(s): Xbox360
Country/Region: Utah, U.S.
Main team: EX Kyo / K’ (Mature?) / Shen


Psn: Bsem83
Location: Ca, US
Team: Duo Lon, Kyo, Kim, Vice

Just started learning the game but plan on taking it very serious. Anyone with a good connection that I can level up with is welcome to add me for some games.


SRK Handle: Hustla Da Rabbit
Gamertag: Trill BG

Console: Xbox 360
Country/Region: Toronto,Canada
Team:Not set


SRK Handle: Mkeller73
Console: Xbox 360
Country/ Region: Philadelphia, US
Team: Still Learning.

Looking for that ever rare person to teach me a new game. I am a good marvel player and new to the 2d thing. Still enjoying it though.


SRK Handle: Dojo
Gamertag: Dojo005
Console: PS3
Country/Region: US, Arkansas
Main team: Yuri / Kula / Flame Iori

This game is loads of fun but I’m a beginner at this.


SRK Handle: IGetAround
Gamertag: IGetAround FLCL
Console(s):Xbox 360
Country/Region: US - New Jersey
Main team: Billy / King / Iori (Claw)

im not good by any means but I like this game alot and wanna learn feel free to add me


Srk Handle: Aervid
XBL GT: Aervid
Region: SoCal
Main team: K’/Shen/Beni

I’m new to the game and just looking to get better at playing the game instead of just training mode. Hit me up for some matches!